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Jump Spine! Kubo Explains Not Faving Tweets

Almost forgot again! Thank you to sanoiscari !

A couple of beloved boys this time!

ETA oh, and Sensei gave an official explanation today as to why he's not faving tweets anymore (TRANS danke mezzo_marinaio ):

お気に入り今はやってないんです。あれやると何百もある返信を全部見なきゃと頑張っちゃうから。RT @arata_kakizome: 先生私もなんか凄く心細いです。このIDにしてから先生のお気に入りに入る率も少なくなって…お誕生日にまたなにか気の効いたものでも贈れればいいな…

@arata_kakizome: "Sensei, you could say that I'm also a truly hopeless person. Ever since I got this ID, the number of tweets to be included in sensei's favourites has become less and less... if on your birthday I sent you something effective to put you in a good mood that would be alright, wouldn't it...?"

@tite_kubo: "I'm not really favouriting much now, because when I do that I have to look at all the replies - which are in the hundreds, and it's a lot of work."

That's right--don't forget everyone, Kubo-sensei's birthday is coming up this June 26!
Tags: bleach spine, hirako, kensei, kubo tite, twitter
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