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Two Bleach-related Q/A Tweets from Kubo-sensei!

Sensei rarely RARELY answers Bleach questions on Twitter but mezzo_marinaio  was kind enough to translate the last couple times he did answer a couple. Yesterday and a few weeks ago he answered questions regarding whether he checks the Quincy Encyclopaedia part of the anime and whether he's the one who comes up with the characters' birthdates. Comments after the tweets by Mezz. XD :

Tweet #1
@suffre: "@tite_kubo, about the Ishida house and its tsundere parent and child... (won't you check on them/are they to be checked/are they checked)? Because at the beginning, when I first saw Ryuuken-san in the Quincy encyclopedia, it was really a shock!"

@tite_kubo: "Ah, things like the big shinigami illustrated encyclopedia or the
Quincy encyclopedia, they're left unchecked by me. Since they're parts meant for playing, I'd like for you to do as you wish."

P.S. I love how he doesn't deny the tsundere part, lol. XDDD

Tweet #2
RT @twittdog_jp: "@tite_kubo, sorry to trouble you with such a silly question, but who decides the characters' birthdays?"
@tite_kubo: "I'm the one that decides all of them. Though I write a memo and then immediately forget them, eh."

Lol, okay, so now I'm imagining his house full of sticky notes with characters' birthdays written on them. XD

Heh, personally (this is Deb speaking now) I get the feeling from Sensei's response to the first tweet that he's saying "interpret as you wish" which was part of his playful answer to the question at Jump Festa last December when he was asked if Ulquiorra was really dead. I know that a lot of people were surprised at Ryuuken's "tsundere" response to his son being impaled by Ichigo, but I wasn't! I never doubted that Ryuuken cared about his son. Ha, for me it's canon that he does. Kubo wrote a long-ago scene where widdle Uryuu asks his grandfather what does Ryuuken want to protect--is it money? And Souken gives Uryuu a telling look. So I'm surprised whenever people whenever people tell me that they think Ryuuken is some kind of Monster!Daddy.
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