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Fic: Phantom Pain

Hii. Um, I hope I'm allowed to do this.... *shy wave*

So I've fallen back in love with Shinji, along with Hiyori, and have been scrounging around for any mention of them - to the point that I've gone back to watching the anime, just for the Turn Back The Pendulum arc. And is it just me, or does the anime actually seem to emphasize their relationship more?

Anyways, so I wrote a small, quick internal monologue, for what's happening right now in the manga. Hope you like! =)

Title: Phantom Pain
Spoiler Warnings: Recent chapters

Pain shoots through his body and he doesn’t feel a thing.

Blood covers his eyes and he can see everything.

He was stupid, he was. Falling for that, being so careless.

He supposed he knew it from the start, anyways – that the pup was gonna be the one to finish Aizen off. Everyone else had been for raising that pup.

And now he lies there, near dead, finished playing the part that he needed to play.

Captain Hirako Shinji – the leader of the vizards –

What a joke.

A joke, that is, that he was slashed completely from his hip to his shoulder, and that’s not where he feels the pain.

The front of his forehead throbs.

It’s been longer than an hour, hasn’t it?

It was always in that spot. Didn’t matter if it was fist, sandal, elbow, her own zanpakutou, the Super Walker that Ichigo threw at her in a fit once. He was both the punchbag and the shield.

Always right smack in middle of his forehead.

He’s not stupid like Ichigo, and so he doesn’t blame himself, doesn’t feel the guilt course through his body. Although –

Although, he did baby her a little too much, didn’t he?

Maybe if he hadn’t teased her beaten her threatened her and still protected her whenever she got into trouble, leaving her with the illusion that she could do anything with the Hirako Shinji backing her up, she’d have known how dangerous things could get.

Maybe between Hikifune and Urahara, they hadn’t let her stand on her own – Kira or Hisagi wouldn’t have rushed into battle like that, although Hinamori might have, and that’s what really makes Shinji sick to the stomach.

Maybe, maybe, maybe.

He’s dying, he’s in pain, and he still can’t help the throb on his forehead that shouldn’t be there, beating in time with his dying heart.

Right smack on the middle of his forehead.

Hiyori always had amazing aim.

Hirako Shinji coughs up blood, and laughs.

A small note: When I think about it, though...she probably hit him in many more places other than his forehead... like his nose, for instance. When Hiyori hits anyone, the victim's entire face tends to cave inward, leaving a nosebleed afterwards... but ah, hope you enjoyed nonetheless.
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