oh gallant piglet, (aizome) wrote in bleachness,
oh gallant piglet,

chapter 405 spoiler thread is up


So far, czeliate says:

"WHAT!? Did I see something wrong? Isshin(papa) uses getsuga tenshou?

spoiler says something like:
Rangiku still running
You're not fully recovered! kira cries

isshin, urahara and yoruichi continues to fight Aizen

Gin : ichigo u are soo weak? trying to escape?

papa uses getsuga tenshou (!)

Ai-chan slash away ( somehow Im not sure what does バッサ mean..could be he neggate GT with one slash or something)

front cover is captain commander
spine is white? next week is hiyori "

ETA: Spacecat posted some pictures here.

Ok now I'm interested! Getsuga Tenshou? Isshin? Is this attack passed on through DNA? (lol) Also good to see Yoruichi is still fighting.
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