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Kubo's Bad Day at Work

Agonizing work meetings! Even famous mangaka have to endure them. I asked Sensei just yesterday if he always found joy in his work and today he posted a series of tweets about his unhappiness with a business meeting that, fortunately, I was glad to find out, had nothing to do with his manga--I wouldn't want him to feel sad about his artistic vision being compromised or anything like that. Anyway, someone at BA posted the tweets in Japanese and Mezz translated them.

translation by mezzo_marinaio :

(Some of those sentences were hard to translate, by the way. Strange wording and everything. I think I got the general gist of it, but frankly I was really unsure about some parts. I'll be putting them between brackets so that you know which ones they are).


"Right now, we’re ending a work-related meeting at my work-place. It was a meeting where I had to endure a lot of stress…"

漫画の打合わせは楽しいだけなのに、それ以外の「仕事」的な打合わせは苦痛なことが多い。全てを楽しくこな せないのは、自分が未熟だからだ。

"Even though manga-related meetings are nothing but fun, all the other work-related meetings apart from those are full of agony. The fact that (I’m unable to consider all of them fun) is due to my own inexperience."


"Being able to know your own inexperience is a virtue, that of improving on your unskillful ‘work’."

自分の思い通りにならない場所で、利益が同じであることと意見が同じであることを混同せず貫くことは、とて も難しい。支えてくれる人たちの能力と気持ちを信じて、曲げないようにやっていきたい。

"When you’re in a position that doesn’t conform to your wishes, it’s difficult to proceed without (any mixing up of your interest and opinions). I trust in the abilities and feelings of the people who support me, (but I want to go ahead and refuse to yield)."

たくさんの応援ツイートありがとうございます。ちなみに打合わせは漫画とは直接関係ない打合わせです。漫画 のことなら何も苦痛はないんですけどね。

"Thank you for all the tweets of support. Incidentally, the meeting had no direct relation with the manga. If it were about the manga, it wouldn’t give me any agony, eh…"

Many fans tweeted their support.

Kubo-sensei tweets so much that I have plenty reading to do between Bleach chapters and even so, it's hard to keep up with him! I need to keep away from his page because his pictures of food make me hungry or make me worry in my Jewish mama way for the health of his stomach.
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