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Spectacular Crystal Ball Contest 2, Spoilers 281

has been batting 1000 with his Bleach predictions made for the Crystal Ball Contest last year:

1. We'll hear the name of Grimmjow's zanpakutou and see its released form.

2. The names of all ten Espada will be revealed.

3. We'll learn Aizen wants Orihime's powers to undo whatever barriers lie between him and the Spirit King's dimension.

Thing is, it was eight months after his prediction #1 was made that it came true.

This time, let's try a narrower time frame and try to get more specific about we think is going to happen. I'm going to allow one guess as to what will happen in the manga by Sept. 1 and whoever has a correct answer by that date will get a full fic, at least 1000 words, from me about any Bleachness you desire, however strange. I'm flexing my muscles again and I need challenges--the stranger the better. But since I have a good ways to go on my to-do list, Sept .seems a good time to start on new ones.

Make your guesses as vague or specific as you want--such as "Grimmjow will win against Ichigo" or "Orihime will faint and land on top of Nell." The guesses have to be about anything you think will happen from chapter 280 on to whatever chapter we're at by Sept. 1.

I haven't seen a scan yet so I'm hoping the art will save the script and the few leaked pictures. Let's just say I don't find this fight all that interesting. I had high expectations after the Grimm and Ulqui encounter so maybe that's why I'm feeling blah about this chapter. I did find something to discuss, though. The fans went on for over 10 pages about Why Is Orihime Just Standing There
at Bleach Asylum. The point may be moot now that the script says Ichigo tells her "Wait for me."

Hmmm, I wonder if Orihime will do something interesting and not wait for Ichigo? Will seeing the dark side of him scare her? Will more harsh reality traumatize her? And if she doesn't wait for Ichigo, does that mean that in her heart, she isn't going to be waiting for him to notice her? If she does, how will her character develop, if at all? Orihime is the focus of this arc and Kubo is deliberately keeping her inner thoughts and motivations as unknown as the the character and limits of her true powers.

This coming July 7 is Tanabata. I wish people would come up with some celebratory Bleach art and fic. I exhausted myself in years past writing IshiHimes around Tanabata--but any other couple would do for this "lovers" holiday.

EDIT: Since Tanabata is next week and the myth is about the goddess Orihime, I'm going to predict that Kubo-san does something significant with her character in the next chapter. At least, I hope he does.
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