Athena (qwirky) wrote in bleachness,

Bleach 404 is Up

MangaStream's translation of Bleach 404 is up.
(Direct download here.)

Urahara/Yoruichi arguing is ridiculously cute and reminiscent of certain other relationships in the series <3333 (We already knew that Yoruichi topped in that relationship but it's always nice for Kubo to reaffirm it.)

The armor was designed specially by Urahara, so it's not Yoruichi's shikai. Some nice shots of Urahara, Yoruichi, and Isshin's faces~ *wonders about the fate of Yoruichi* D:

Interesting how Gin said that Aizen put the hougyoku in without Gin's knowledge. Then he says that "everything's fucked," which seems to imply that even Gin can't predict what will happen (especially given Aizen + the hougyoku). His rather laid-back attitude and words suggest he realizes that his own future is uncertain, hence him not answering Ichigo's question. We still don't know the true nature of Gin and Aizen's relationship or what exactly ties Gin to Aizen (other than Aizen adopting him early on as his protoge), so how deep does Gin's loyalty to Aizen really go?

Gin says that Ichigo seems to have a belief he'll die. Perceptive, or just egging Ichigo on with mind games? He's certainly baiting Ichigo. He claims he won't let someone cowardly like Ichigo fight Aizen, but is that really it? That Ichigo is too useless to waste on Aizen seems far too trivial - is he just annoyed by Ichigo? Does his sadistic side just want a battle? Does he have some deeper purpose - wanting Ichigo to become more powerful to face Aizen later? (If so, to what end?)

Ichigo's hollow mask appears... is IchiThing forthcoming?

RANGIKUUUUUUUUUU~! D: Rangiku/Gin coming up? And maybe Kira will be there...

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