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Kubo tweets about character colors and I get Bleach loot from Japan!

Those of you who follow Kubo-sensei on Twitter know that he rarely gives out much Bleach info (although the occasional wild claim has been made here and there that Kubo is someone's Twitter chum and has told him/her which pairings are going to be canon ... yes, I've delved into such forum depths and seen such things with my own eyes). Sensei is worth following for his daily musings about chopsticks, banana holders, and Lady Gaga. Remember the time he gave diet advice by telling a reader to use a placemat picture of an old man's buttocks? Not long ago, he was tweeting about hot dogs and someone told him "eat the hot dog between my legs" (yeah, people tweet the wildest things to Sensei) and Kubo responded something to the effect of he never knew that this person was a guy because his icon pic looked female. Zing!

There was a Bleach tweet today that made me happy for no particular reason except it validated something some of us had always claimed about Kubo's characters and their colors (reposted from the IchiRuki FC at BA so there's a little shippy squee under the cut)

Because Kubo's tweets are always interesting and I'm always on the lookout for Bleach tweets, the following caught my eye. Someone asked a question regarding Ichigo and Orihime. And Sensei responded bringing up Rukia.

(translation by mezzo_marinaio)

織姫かぁ。何だろ。うすいピンクとかじゃない?ルキアなら紫と白で決まりなんだけどね。RT @tiger_haruko2: @tite_kubo 私も今週中にあいふぉん買う予定です!(´ω`)ちなみに黒×オレンジが一護なら、織姫は何色 ですかねぇ。 20 minutes ago via Echofon
* Reply
* Retweet

RT @tiger_haruko2: “I’ve also been planning to buy an i-phone all this week! :3 By the way, if we go with a black x orange Ichigo, what colour would Orihime be?”

@tite_kubo: “Orihime, eh? I wonder. Would she not be something like light pink? As for Rukia, though, for her I’d go with violet and white.”

It's like Kubo-sensei hadn't given much thought to Orihime until that moment but he knew what Rukia's colors would be. I find it interesting that members of this FC have long been associating the colors purple and white with Rukia or noting that Kubo-sensei often did in his spreads and such while Ichigo was always orange and black! I guess we have a very observant crew!

Oh, and the context of the tweets was that Kubo was discussing colors for i-phones because he'd bought a new one and he thought black and orange was "Ichigo."

Oh and happy Mother's day to me because I know my friend karenai bought some SMUT doujin for me on her trip to Japan. She posted some pix of all her loot for her pals the other day, and did you know there are RENISHI PENS in this world? Guess who's getting one?

I considered for three seconds not sharing these pics because this community is so big now and most people might not give a damn and maybe some people would get all jealous of the doujinshi and come to my address and plunder my closets for them and steal my new Birkenstocks while at it (pssst: join the comm--I scan and share everything. XD) and then I thought HA, THIS IS THE KIND OF STUFF THAT MAKES ME PROUD TO BE A BLEACHTARD CONSUMER OF TRINKETS! Behold the pretties:


This actually belongs to Neha but behold, a RENISHI TOTE!

IshiHime smut for meeeee.

There are RenIshi pens in this world!

There are IchiRuki paperdolls (look how cute that they have their respective Valentine's outfits from the spreads to wear!)

I wanted this doujin soooo bad! Soon it will be my grubby little hands! <3 KY I CAN'T THANK YOU ENOUGH! <333333

Tags: doujin, ichigo, ichiruki, ishihime, orihime, renishi, rukia, twitter
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