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Fic Rec: Shrapnel

My first fanfic rec and it has to be Shrapnel by Lookinglass, a series I fangirled over a year ago. I recently found a oneshot, a sidestory to the series, and decided to spread the love it deserves. Highlight to see spoilers!

Title: Shrapnel
Status: Complete at 17 chapters
Characters: Grimmjow, Ulquiorra, and a few others
Warnings: swearing, violence (duh, it's Grimmjow), and the later chapters have torture and non-con.
Summary: World War II: Grimmjaw is an exhausted U.S. soldier, dragging his platoon through dirt, dead bodies, and despair. Ulquiorra is a detached German officer, efficient, obedient, and ready to serve his country. A piece of shrapnel brings the two together.

Great, twisty plot and 100% IC--what more could you want? A must-read for any Grimm or Ulqui-fans, but I urge everyone to check it out. This is one of those fics that keep you up all night, clinging onto the edge of your seat.

Heck, I even wrote a long review on this.

My Review

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