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Mini Bleach Art Contest + (Weird) Prizes!!

Posted with permission from the mod-powers on high :D

This is not a Bleachness-sanctioned contest (which explains the socks)

This is basically a thinly-veiled bribe for people to do my work for me =_= (I need divider images/stuff in my doujinshi D:)

:bulletblack: A copy of BBS Summer + Fall
:bulletblack: Artwork published in BBS Fall

Plus ONE of the following for each winning entry (No Bleach prizes WTF?!):
:bulletblack: A pair of K-ON! Yui socks
:bulletblack: A pair of K-ON! Mio socks
:bulletblack: A mini VOCALOID Rin Pillow
:bulletblack: A mini VOCALOID Len Pillow
:bulletblack: Your choice of three VOCALOID bookmarks
:bulletblack: 3-month DeviantArt subscription
:bulletblack: 2-character full-color chibi commission
:bulletblack: 1-character full-color commission

If two people want the same prize, you will fight to the death. Or compromise.

:bulletblack: Images MUST have a 600 DPI file ready to submit when asked.
:bulletblack: B/W, grayscale entries ONLY!!
:bulletblack: Maximum image size is 7.25x10.25 (inc. bleed)
:bulletblack: No nudity/questionable content.
:bulletblack: Post your entry to this journal or email me (fanartist {a}
:bulletblack: You may enter multiple times.

Entry Suggestions

:bulletblack: Fall or festival themes (since the story takes place during a festival)
:bulletblack: Speculations of what other Bleach characters are doing during the festival
:bulletblack: Mini comics!! ^^
:bulletblack: Doesn't need to relate to the doujinshi. It can be just a pretty picture :3

May 10th, 2010 11:59 PM PST

Resources: ~screentones, fonts.
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