Desiree (libragoddess04) wrote in bleachness,

Episode 268

First, allow me to preface this brief post by apologizing in advance if it is inappropriate and merits being deleted.

That being said, I will now continue. :D

I recently watched episode 268 via, and I have the following message to say to my fellow Bleach-following friends:

Once. Just ONCE. I would love for Inoue to unleash some serious wrath and reject her opponent's VERY existence. If we follow the theory of her abilities thus far, this is NOT a far leap or stretch of the imagination. AM I RIGHT?!?!

........... But then again, it is nice to be rescued by teh Sexeh Ishida. Yum. I'd play damsel in distress too. ;)

Let's get some comment-convos happening on Inoue's dormant aggressive capabilities and (of course!) Ishida's hotness, ya know, just for good measure. ;)

PS - Been following this community for forever and I confess to being an avid lurking fan! XD
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