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Bleach Chapter 175-- Or "How did Rukia get that darned Hougyoku, anyway?"-- THE RECKONING


MSN consensus has it that I should repost to this comm my 'How the **** did Rukia get that ****ing Hougyoku' thread that I started way back in 2007 and which has persisted to this day. It stands as my lone worthwhile contribution to Bleach 'fandom' and as a result I am quite proud of it. Other than that time I pointed out Ju-Ni's translators totally screwed up Matsumoto's conversation to Orihime in the manga that one time and got crazy psycho hate mail for it. BUT ANYWAY

Please to enjoy its fine high-quality and post any observations or pages of manga and/or dialogue you might have which are pertinent to the subject.

My subject is chapter 175-- Specifically, the concept of when Rukia got the Hougyoku-- before she came to the living world, or after? This has been a sticking point for a while among people and its gonna be tricky because it's less of a word issue than it is a grammar issue.

Let's line these babies up. Using M-R for the home team today because Ju-Ni didn't translate this back in the day.

JP Raw

Manga Rain


Side-by-side text comparison--
JP Raw: Aizen: "Sono toki kare ga kakushibasho toshite eranta no ga/Kimi da Kuchiki Rukia"
Ichigo: "Nan....datte...?"
Aizen: "Boku ga sono koto wo tsuki tometa toki/Kimi wa suya ni gense de yukuefumei ni natta ato datta" <-- this is the important line, because it shows us what/when Aizen knew of where the Hougyoku was and why Rukia had gone missing.

: Aizen: "The place he chose to hide it in/Was you, Kuchiki Rukia"
Ichigo: "Wh...What did you say...?"
Aizen: "By the time I discovered this/You had already gone missing in the real world"

M7:Aizen: "The location that he chose/Was within you, Kuchiki Rukia"
Ichigo: "What...did you say...?"
Aizen: "When I discovered that/Your whereabouts were still unknown"

M7's translations are usually shit, but this one is actually not TOO bad, although much more vague than the MR one.

1. Aizen searched for the Hougyoku's location
2. By the time he learned where it was hidden, Rukia (the 'place' he refers to where the Hougyoku was hidden) has already disappeared in the living world.
3. This leads him to state-- Aizen: "I knew intuitively/That this was all Urahara Kisuke's doing." -- namely, Aizen knew that Urahara was behind Rukia's 'disappearance' in the living world. It merely confirmed to Aizen what he already knew-- That Rukia had it-- and that Urahara was going to attempt to hide it by concealing her in the power-draining gigai.

From these three statements it's easy to see what went down-- As per a recent blurb in the HM arc from Aizen, Urahara never used the Hougyoku. (LOL, retcon by Kubo? Clearly he -DID- use it at least once-- Vizoreds.)  He sealed it almost immediately after its creation, and after many attempts to destroy it (all of which failed), he hid it in 'a place' (I.E. Rukia) in an attempt to conceal what he could not destroy.

This link right here <--- is a link to MelodyMix's translation of the sourcebooks expounding further on the subject-- Rukia didn't get the orb from the gigai. IT IS IMPERATIVE THAT YOU READ THIS LINK for further understanding on the timeframe in which Rukia must have received the orb.

This link right here and the original source link for the quote in question <---are links to pages with the most recent excerpts of Jaina's interview with Kubo in...San Diego, I think? as to when Rukia got the Hougyoku. From Kubo's answer it's clear that it's not as simple as 'lol gigai'.

1. Aizen's monologue in 398 further highlights the point that Rukia was the person the orb had been hidden in by Urahara, previous to the events of Bleach's first chapter.

Click here for page

The pertinent text:

Aizen: "Who ordered Kuchiki Rukia to be stationed in the material world?"
Aizen: "Do you really think that from the creation of the Hougyoku/For over a period of 100 years/I could not ascertain its location?"

This tying back in to what Aizan said to Ichigo waaaaaaaaaaay back in SS arc:

Aizen: "The place he chose to hide it in/Was you, Kuchiki Rukia"
Ichigo: "Wh...What did you say...?"
Aizen: "By the time I discovered this/You had already gone missing in the real world"

Aizen already knew who had it. He just lied about the timeframe that he figured it out in. He didn't 'discover' who had it when Rukia went missing, he knew who had it because he was the one who sent her to Karakura, knowing she had it.

Before the conclusion, two more pages to cement this from 401:

Page the first

Page the second

The text:
Aizen: "And then, with a theory as to the ability of the Hougyoku in my hands--"
Aizen: "I sent Kuchiki Rukia to the side of Kurosaki Ichigo."

Why precisely would Aizen, curious in seeing the abilities of the Hougyoku, send Rukia to Ichigo? Because he knew she had the orb inside of her from the start, and wanted to see what its effect would be on Ichigo, who Aizen (and now the reader) has been made aware has 'special qualities'-- Daddy's epic reaction face ties into this.

There is no mention or even allusion in this chapter to the idea that Urahara was in possession of the orb at the start of the manga and passed it off to Rukia via the gigai for some unknown reason. The facts and events behind this are made blindingly clear:
1. Urahara gave Rukia the orb at a date preceeding the start of the manga. When exactly this was is unknown, but considering the date of Urahara's exile and the period of time Aizen mentions having searched for it (100 years), we can presume it was at the end of the TBTP arc.
2. Aizen over the course of 100 years of study and research on the orb discovered its location but declined to make a move until he had more information.
3. Ichigo reaching an age suitable for testing and Aizen having come to a workable hypothesis on the orb's abilities, decided to test it by sending Rukia (who was in possession of the orb) to Ichigo to observe the effects.
4. Aizen having witnessed the results of the test  tips SS, Byakuya, Renji etc to Rukia's location and gives them gear specially tuned to find her to recall Rukia back to SS in a dual plan to not only recover the orb, but to further Ichigo's development.

Aizen's hand was the catalyst behind Rukia being stationed in the human world, which answers a lot of questions about why he didn't just go there and force-gank the orb out of her. He was running an experiment.

Questions left unanswered at this time:
1. At what precise date Rukia received the orb
2. For what reason she was given possession of it
3. What purpose Urahara had when hiding it

As this is still an evolving issue in the manga, it will take time to fully unravel the hows and whys behind it, but I think it's fairly clear between the Databook, the JP manga and Kubo's coy comment that whenever Rukia received the orb, it WAS NOT at the start of the manga, from the gigai or anything else.

This should help clear up any confusion that the last chapter caused.
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