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Bleach 401 "Deicide 3"

Bleach 401 is up at MangaStream.


ETA: Holy crap.

Assuming Aizen is telling the truth, there are lots of huge implications here about various characters' "true desires." For example, Inoue and Chad actually wanting to have power, so the hougyoku granting that desire, rather than Ichigo awakening those powers. The reason that Urahara using the hougyoku didn't initially "work" at curing the Vizards was because Urahara actually desired to learn about hollowification and see it happen; so it then made the Vizards... Vizards. Aizen says that the hougyoku can only grant that which a person is capable of achieving (as the translation says, if they have the necessary power); but Aizen then says that people seem to wish for that which they are capable of achieving. So does Aizen wish for godhood because he is capable of becoming a god?

Aizen explains a bit about how the hougyoku acts, but still, there are are things that aren't clear. For example, why didn't Urahara know about the true nature of what he had created? Does the hougyoku pick and choose what desires to grant? And karenai has asked why the hougyoku gave Ichigo all of Rukia's powers when she had only planned on half? nehalenia wonders if Ichigo's desire to gain the power to protect took precedent over Rukia's desires. I think another explanation is that Rukia's desire to save Ichigo may have driven the hougyoku more than her conscious decision to give 50% of her powers. Or, as karenai wonders, Rukia may have some other subconscious desire. Additionally, if this gives people their desires, why did Aizen wait so long to place the hougyoku in his chest?

There remain a lot of unanswered questions. Really fascinating chapter. If Aizen isn't bullshitting, anyway.

Also, Ichigo's faces and Ichigo/Isshin~! <3333

And Urahara, looking classy. <333
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