_debbiechan_ (_debbiechan_) wrote in bleachness,

"Ichigo's Funeral" looooong one-shot, Part One

Warnings: some icky things related to funerals and crematoriums, attempts at deathbed humor, a mopey Tatsuki, and a little bit of bad language. Also this story is over 12 thousand words, but it gets better as it goes along--trust me. The story is continued in a second post.

Ichigo’s Funeral
by debbiechan

Disclaimer: Kubo Tite created Bleach and the many dead characters who live in our hearts.

Description: PG13. A Shinigami captain doesn’t need a human body, does he? The gang goes to Ichigo’s funeral. Cremation ceremony, anyone?

Thank you to my lovely new beta, ray blu, lacegeisha, or
To Be Continued in next post
Tags: chad, ichigo, ichigo's funeral, isshin, karin, rukia, tatsuki
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