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Birthday in Hueco Mundo

Happy Birthday Uryuu.  I drew a pic and wrote a drabble for the occasion. Both G, worksafe.

November (fanart) 

Birthday in Hueco Mundo

by debbiechan

Rated G. A drabble written for Ishida Uryuu’s birthday, November 6, 2006.


It never occurred to Ishida that he might die.

Despite his ability to seize truth out of random facts, he didn’t grasp the reality of Hueco Mundo. Odds of surviving? Did they matter? Every step he bounded across the cold white corridors was one step closer to saving her.

It was stupid, yes, for the rescue party to split up, but this way he could fight without interference. Without Kurosaki’s show-stopping, reckless power.

Ishida shook his head and scolded himself for thinking this way. It was fine if Kurosaki found her first. What mattered was finding her and getting her out.

Run, run. Keep going. You will save her.

He was halfway up a dizzying incline of steps when he remembered that today was his birthday. A memory of Ryuuken chiding him: Do you want to die? Keep dodging like that, and you’ll be dead before you turn sixteen.

Ishida turned a corner--he was breathing hard but his training with Ryuuken had bolstered his stamina.

What did other fathers expect of their children? What did sixteen mean to the rest of the world?

Too young for a driver’s license. The age of consent in Tokyo provinces.

Ishida had met Nell the Arrancar only hours ago, but he could imagine her babyish voice chanting: Sweet sixteen and never been kissed.

Other sixteen-year-olds had cake with their families, went to dinner and a movie with friends.

Here he was, in a world beyond his own, facing overwhelming opposition, and racing to save her life. If he died today, most people would call it a noble end.

But I’m not going to die.

Ishida set his jaw and ran--heart pounding--up another flight of stairs.

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