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Perfectly Useless Poll Time

A perfectly useless poll. Warning for some shippery wise-assery. Below the cut is the story of how I got the idea for this poll. I know that that everyone interprets Bleach in his or her own way but there are some persistent beliefs out there that I find just mind-boggling. I was wondering who around here holds them and can tell me why?

I'm a little on the edge of my seat--how about you guys? Some folks say that Kubo isn't a chapter marker, but he was in the old days--Chapter 50 was the conclusion of the Grand Menos battle where Ichigo showed his stuff after his contest with Ishida and when Ishida fell to his knees and said "Today I saved a Shinigami." Chapter 100 was Momo discovering Aizen impaled on the wall!  150 was the big one,  the last of the "Countdown to the End" chapters when Ichigo shows up at the execution site to save Rukia. 200 "Night of Sledgehammer" was when Grimmjow's forces landed in Karakura (with the aim to wipe out all beings with reiatsu--in retrospect the fights seem like nothing but at the time they were pretty hyped). 300 is less flashy--I remember waiting for it with baited breath and then laughing and laughing when Kubo showed us the RETURN OF HANATAROU. It was a nice chapter--Byakuya fighting "A Curse Called Love" but was otherwise unextraordinary.

So now even WSJ is hyping chapter 400 and I'm all a-flutter. I want a return to the Dome. I want Urahara back because damn, it's been two years since we've seen Kisuke! I want Gin and Matsumoto and/or Kira interaction or one more tidbit of info about the mysterious Gin even if it's just a trick about what his very very very VERY long sword can do. I want  ... so much and the nice part is that because the arc is coming to a close, it only stands to reason that I won't be disappointed--Kubo-sensei has to throw something long-awaited into the story.

So, anyway, here I was, twiddling my thumbs, procrastinating on the IshiHime story I'm writing for yet_adored for her prize in the recent community contest, and I got to thinking about another one of my hardcore wants--an IshiHime scene. Part of me expects that a heartwarming tête-à-tête naturally follows in the story at this point, and given that Kubo has kept us away from the disturbing events on the dome for a year, he may be saving up for something big. I want a nice bit of connection between the characters of my OTP and maybe the groundwork for a future relationship, but I've already comforted myself with the idea that Kubo is so masterly that he will make me love whatever happens--an unrequited love situation, Orihime falling into the arms of a resurrected Ulquiorra, no Orihime pairings (This would be cool with me if only she would fire Tsubaki). After all, I used to like RenRuki and (JUST MY OPINION FOLKS) Sensei killed that ship but still allowed me to feel a great deal of affection for the canon relationship there.

It was brooding in that special anticipation-laden way only shippers understand that that roused me into that state that shippers and all their brethren fen understand too well: the how can ANYONE believe THAT? state. Some people, you know, don't believe that Ishida Uryuu has a crush on Inoue Orihime. Even after that googly eyed face he made in chapter 346. And then I was reading at BA that some people are certain that Urahara will turn out to be the final villain in Bleach. And that Gin is, you know, really cute and cuddly and not at all a murderous creepy freak.

So I made the poll. If you want, in the comments, tell me what persistent fandom beliefs boggle you the most?

(eta--not that this matters too much because obviously this is a stupid poll, but I meant for people to answer what persistent fandom beliefs boggle you in the comments and to answer as you believed yourself in the poll.... but anyway... talk to me, tell me about your fandom hopes and fears etc for chapter 400)

Poll #1550034 Out There Bleach Beliefs?

Urahara Kisuke

is in cahoots with Aizen
is the morally ambiguous rapscallion we've seen mentoring Ichigo and friends for the last 9 years of manga but he's essentially a Good Guy

Ishida Ryuuken

doesn't care if his son lives or dies and only saved him from the Menos and trained him because of a matter of Quincy Pride
loves his son and is a Big Poser just like him

Ishida Uryuu

has the big google-eyes and as yet unexpressed "feelings" for Inoue Orihime
is gay as a hummingbird and wants to BE JUST LIKE ORIHIME
is a raving bisexual and I love him like that

Ulquiorra Cifer

was given a heart by BOTH Ichigo and Orihime because he saw their goodness (conveniently ignoring the human impaled with a sword) and yet died a villain because although he gained a heart he never repented of his evil deeds
Ulquiorra was a complex character whose fascination with humans led to a redemptive ending in which he understood them and gained a heart
was only following orders
lusted for everything *except* sex
was not the main character in his own volume poem

Kurosaki Ichigo

is developmentally disabled because he doesn't jump girls who strip in front of him
is a chaste, respectful shounen hero not above taking a peek through his fingers at Rangiku's boobs
is so secretly in love with Orihime that he isn't even aware of it yet himself

Ichimaru Gin

is really a Good Guy
is the creepiest MOFO in all Bleach and one of the biggest mysteries but most likely a sociopath given what we've seen of his indisciminate killings


is going to end in June with Aizen's defeat
is going to be around long after most of us care

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