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WSJ Preview: Spoiler Maybe?

There was a preview page from the last issue of WSJ (there's always a page hinting at what's up next in all the stories) posted at Naruto Forums and then later at BA where there was a lot of hoopla and speculation that this preview meant a whopping spoiler for chapter 400. Then nearly all of the posts on the spoiler topic in the BA chapter thread were deleted. LOL, I think mine got left up there because it was only guardedly optimistic? Who knows, who knows. Maybe WSJ told us what is going to happen next week, but I'd say in all likelihood they really didn't.

The text on the preview page says that Urahara Kisuke shows up and what is his secret plan with Isshin?

Originally Posted by spacecat
t does mention Urahara in the preview line, just sayin.

Those pages are from the last issue, they have them every time. Raw Paradise hosts them each week. They exist every week and often the comments are misleading.

You have to remember that these editorial pastiche things that tell you what's going to happen in all in the series aren't necessarily predicting what's going to happen in the very next chapter. One famous example I can recall is that Jump predicted a "reunion of friends" for Bleach and showed a pic of Ichigo and Rukia and people were excited for the next week's chapter but this thing called the Turn Back the Pendulum arc happened and the "reunion of friends" with Ichigo, Rukia, Chad, Renji, and Ichigo at the foot of the tower didn't happen for weeks and weeks.

So, I'd take this as a certainty that Urahara is going to show (and didn't we all know that?) but let's not necessarily be expecting him for the next chapter!


Has it been two years, Kisuke? Right now everyone seems rather evenly matched and lots of things could happen in the two fights going on (or the one going on at the dome) for the Urahara wild card to be played just yet.

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