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Haphazard Post about Ishida

   Sorry if this is a completely pointless post. I think that overwork is getting me slightly insane, making me think of random things and (worse luck) share my thoughts. However, if you find my musings too random (or my English too annoying), just go on and delete this.
   Now, to the point. - one of the things I'm thinking about now is Ishida. Or - more precisely - his quirks.
   According to his character sheet, Uryuu dislikes buttons and the word haphazard. Ever since I knew this, I kept reminding myself to check the original word and yesterday I finally did it: the hated word is 行き当たりばったり (ikiataribattari).
    Since then, I've been wondering what makes Uryuu hate it. Sure, we all have words that we hate simply for the sound of them. Ikiataribattari is definitely a slightly weird sounding word. It can be divided into 行き当たる (ikiataru), which means "to meet" or "encounter" and ばったり (battari), which carries the meaning of something unpleasant happening suddenly or accidentally. The whole word can be translated exactly as "haphazard" or "unplanned", "hit-or-miss" etc. Therefore, apart from the slightly silly word, the meaning itself might annoy Uryuu, as we know he's calm, collected and likes his things planned, be it his daily schedule or a battle with Hollow. 
    There's another possibility, though - what if he dislikes the word because he has heard it too often, maybe from his father? I can well imagine Ryuuken criticizing Uryuu's decision to become a Quincy and telling him over and over how his "haphazard" actions might cost him his life.
     What do you think? Any other possibility? I am probably thinking too much over this, right? XD
Anyway, thanks for letting me vent.
Tags: ishida, quincy
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