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Not As Planned! Aizen is in trouble.

In the last couple of days the collective heads of the fandom have just exploded over Aizen's revelations in the latest chapter. Much speculation has been put forth on exactly how much truth there is to Aizen's words and how this affects his previous statements.

However at the moment I'm more interested in what it means if he's telling the truth for once. And if he has been telling the truth Aizen is in deep trouble and has been since Chapter 39 (over three hundred chapters ago) because his plan has got a couple of X factors in it. Inoue Orihime and Sado Yasutora. Aizen mentions having manipulated Ishida but doesn't mention either of them and its really stretching the bounds credibility that Aizen could predict and or control the fact that Ichigo's poorly controlled power could awaken the powers of two humans in forms that have never been seen before. And this isn't counting the fact this seems to have created a knock-on effect with Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro.

Furthermore I speculate that at least part of Aizen's Hueco Mundo plan was due to a realisation of that. He knew that Orihime and her powers represented an unacceptable risk to his plans. He who seeks to control destiny cannot allow one who has the power to deny fate to operate freely. But this is Shounen Jump people, the power of friendship will prevail in the end (which is why I'm convinced that Starkk and Harribel are still alive), the wounds of the heart will be healed, resolves will be hardened and epic amounts of whoop ass will be unleashed.

I think I'm changing my call for the final battle. It's going to be Aizen vs an Epic Team Ichigo (Ichigo, Chad, Orihime and Ishida for certain. Probably Rukia, maybe Renji, hopefully Tatsuki, Keigo and Mizuiro).
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