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kubo comments about Warner Brothers possible movie

So, there's been talk about a Bleach Live Action movie and people have been tweeting Kubo about the news.

Kubo on Hollywood movie

Tweet translated by mezzo_marinaio :

シカトで通そうと思ってたけど、結構関連ツイートが増えてきたので書いときます。映画の件ですが、随分前から話はあります。が、今まで何も発言していない ことから分かる通り、何も言えません。公式発表を待ってください。ご理解お願いします。以降、この件に関して一切発言する事はありません。


"I was thinking of ignoring or overlooking this matter, but there's been an increase of tweets about it, so I'll write down (what I think). The matter in question is a movie, but there've been discussions going on since much earlier. From what I understand, though - since there has been no talk about it yet - I can't say anything. Please await the official announcement. I trust you'll understand the situation. From now on, there won't be any talking about this matter here."

He sounds ... reticent as always.

ETA--and Irene translated some other tweets by Kubo from the other day too that were about Bleach and its readers and too cute not to share!

3) RT@ninoshino: "As far as you're concerned, who is the manga for? For yourself? For the people around you?" @tite_kubo: "If we're going to be saying that it's for a single person, then I'd say it's for Ichigo. If we're talking about more than one person, then it's for all the characters who appear in BLEACH. In the moment I've written for my own sake or for the readers', the characters die."

4) RT@konumu: "Intermingling steadily with your fans on twitter must be difficult, but so cool!" @tite_kubo: "Since I'm not writing the manga for the sake of my readers, I want to do something for them apart from that, if at all possible. Though really, I'm using twitter just because it's fun."

5) RT@acksk: "Is it alright if we talk feverishly and put things like 'I love that one part in BLEACH...!', or 'That scene...!' in our letters to you?" @tite_kubo: "On the contrary, please keep talking feverishly. It makes me happy."

7) RT@yasakura15: "I love BLEACH, and I want to send sensei a letter, but I wonder if you'll read it, you being so busy and all? Won't it be a bother to you? I worry about these things." @tite_kubo: "It's alright, I'll produce some time and I'll read it gladly. I wonder if it's a good thing that I say things like that at times..."

12) @kanautyon422: "Sensei! Even though I'm already an adult, I have a strangely vigorous appetite. What do you think I should do!" @tite_kubo: "How about putting the photo of an old man's buttocks on your lunch mat?"

15) @xxxx69q: "Hello. I want to send sensei a letter, but I'm hesitating greatly because of the writing paper. Would you be happier with an adult-like one, or with a pink, cute one?" @tite_kubo: "I'll be happy either way. Girls' envelopes are always so elaborated, they're really fun."

I love how Kubo-sensei says he writes for the sake of the characters and not for the audience because that's how I feel about writing too, and um... I'm kind of embarrassed about my envelopes at the moments. XD XD XD Those of you who've gotten packages from me will know why. XD
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