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Spoiler for ch397

Get them here, in BA!

All I have to say is FUCK YES§§§§§§§§

Edit: translation added

Edit: script added

And since a pic is better than everything:

Edit: there's more from Muguruma >>>here<<< (still not translated). He talks a lot about the beginning of Bleach XD I'm waiting next week to see Isshin's words on it XD

More: translated by sheetz:
Ichigo is agitated by Aizen's words.
Furthermore, Aizen says he aided in Ichigo's growth because he believed Ichigo would become the greatest raw material for his own personal quest.
That the hollow appeared immediately after his meeting with Rukia; that the menos appeared because of the Quincy bait;
That Rukia was discovered in the real world, and that the circumstances were well reported in SS;
That in SS the captain class shinigami Ichigo fought all had strength comparable to his Ichigo's at the time.
"Didn't you think those were all strange? " Ichigo swings his sword at Aizen but Aizen stops it with his palm.
Aizen continues speaking. He asks Ichigo, "How could I know all the facts?
Who do you think had Rukia stationed in the real world?
Who gave Renji's equipment the ability to detect reiatsu?
Who provided the Vice Captains with the information regarding the direction of your moments?
Was I truly unable to pinpoint the location of the hougyoku for the past 100 years?"
After he finishes Ichigo asks Aizen for the basis of his conviction that Ichigo would become his greatest raw material.
Aizen responds, "It's because I knew you from the beginning, from the time you were born.
In addition you were special from the moment of your birth. Because you are a shingami and..."
Aizen stops mid sentence as Isshin has arrived. Until next week

Script 'cause it was requested XD Translated by Maaru edge of the silence
Ichigo: Up to now... all my fights were... in the palm of your hand....?! What the hell.... How the hell... How could you say something like that?!!!
While holding up an index finger,
Aizen: Now, don't raise your voice like that, Kurosaki Ichigo. Aren't you surprised over something like that? I was merely saying that you are the best material for my goals.

Yes, I had enough confidence in your growth that I even had a hand in it. That's all that I'm saying.
Didn't you find it strange? That all your life you had never encountered a hollow and yet
As soon as you met Kuchiki Rukia, you were immediately attacked by a hollow, that the scattered hollow bait by a quincy would cause a Menos to materialize?
That around the time you had begun to fight as a shinigami, until then Kuchiki Rukia's reiatsu was undetected,
and that as soon as this was conveniently reported to Soul Society, Abarai Renji, Zaraki Kenpachi, Kuchiki Byakuya,
each of them, you managed to fight them at a point where you had the sufficiently ability, did you not think that was strange?
Did you think these meetings were fate?
Ichigo: .... Wait..
Aizen: You thought their attacks were merely coincidence?
Ichigo: Wait....
Aizen: You thought that your victories were merely the result of your hard work?
Ichigo charges at him, but is stopped by Aizen's hand.
Aizen: ... Now, don't be saddened, that isn't all there is to it, your current power that is.
You can't believe it, can you? What I just said.
Ichigo: ... Of course I can't...!
Aizen: But it's true.
Ichigo: You lie!! That all my fights until now were all your fault?! That they were all sent by you?! Who the **** would believe that!!
Didn't you just say so earlier! You already said so that Rukia's whereabouts in the living world were obscured!!
That you knew about me after I met Rukia?! Is that how it all went!!
Aizen: That's an amusing thing you say. You said it just now yourself. It's a lie. That you won't believe it.
That the words I said just now were all lies, did you think at that point what I said were all lies too?
It's not impossible. How pitiful. That from the beginning this world there was neither truth nor lies. All that there is are the connections
All that exists in that world were, personally, just convenient truths in your mistaken reality, and with that, all other lives have no meaning.
However, that world generally accounts for me, personally, all other inconvenient truths are merely part of that reality
Do I know the truth about you? Then who stationed Kuchiki Rukia for duty in the living world?
Then who gave Abarai Renji the equipment to detect her reiatsu? Who gave the vice-captains the detailed reports and information about your group's progress?
Didn't you think that I had, from the Hougyoku's completion, more than a hundred years to confirm its location?
Ichigo: .... I have one thing to ask you..... that thing you said earlier.... that you had confidence in me being the best material for your goals....
What was that... What basis do you have for saying that....? That from the point where I met Rukia, what the hell was that... Say that again, What the hell was your reason?!
Aizen: ... that from the beginning....
Ichigo: Say it properly...
Aizen:.... You don't understand? I've been saying it from the beginning. I've known you ever since you were born.
Ichigo: .... w-what...?!
Aizen: That from the moment you were born, I knew your existence was special. Why you are a shinigami and--
Isshin: You talk too much, Aizen.
Isshin arrives, then, next issue.
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