The Butterfly Doctor (lepidoctor) wrote in bleachness,
The Butterfly Doctor

Question about OST

Hey, I hope it's okay if I ask a question here... There's this track that plays sometimes but I haven't found it on the 3 OSTs (or might have missed it). I can't remember everywhere I've heard it but it played during the Renji-Ishida-Szayel fight and at 15:36 in the Memories in the Rain OVA (watching it right now). Does anyone know the name of the track? I can only really describe it as a series of intermittent beeps at different pitches.

There's also another track I haven't been able to find - it plays at about 43 minutes in the Fade to Black Bleach movie and used several times in the anime too - during the Arrancar arc (I think during Chad vs Yammy). It's a guitar riff. Anyone know it?
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