Riham (ayshariham) wrote in bleachness,

RedBull Doodle Thing

There was this contest-like-thing today at Uni by RedBull...You might have heard of it - RedBull's Doodle Art Contest? Well, anyways, they hand out RedBulls and ask us to doodle on this special piece of card during class. =D
As I'm incapable of drawing anything like an abstract doodle, I decided to go for a lil anime ad-like thing xD I'm not really a good artist, but atleast you can make out who's who =D

The Bleach Version of a RedBull AD xD (Click to enlarge)
It's not too clear because I took a pic hurridly...

I should have a put a disclaimer in there somewhere, ne? O_o

Mods, feel free to delete this post if it seems irrelevant. =)

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