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Winter Warmth

I'm brand spankin' new here, but I was lured in by debbiechan's work (which is indeed made of awesomesauce). So, ah...hi!

I offer a little ficlet centered around our favorite Quincy, which I hope people here might enjoy. It's on the sentimental side, but that's ok.

Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: Obviously no ownership.
Pairing/Characters: Uryu Ishida...mention of Ryuken
Summary: Uryu reflects on childhood memories of his mother.

Uryu Ishida honestly prefered the spring. There was something magical about life returning to the world; something wonderous about tiny little buds blossoming into leaves and flowers. When the weather warmed and growth filled the air, a childlike thrill ran through his veins. The young man enjoyed that rush far more than anyone knew.

Of course, he'd never admit these thoughts to anyone. He barely admitted them to himself.

Winter wasn't that bad though. The clean scent of the freshly fallen snow, the soothing texture of a hand-knit sweater resting over his skin and the sweetness of hot coco upon his tongue were some of Uryru's favorite things. These were all the comforts cold weather brought in his youth, and elements of childhood he savored into young adulthood.

The reminded him of his mother. She'd loved the winter.

Thinking back, a part of him always knew she was never happy. Hints of sadness and lonliness had always clung to her, despite the warmth he had innocently tried to offer, and the security his cold father provided.

Uryu wondered, not for the first time, why she had stayed with Ryuken. The man was dedicated to his work, to the exclusion of all else, as far as his wife and young son knew in those lonely early years. The junior Ishida had only just learned that his father had kept secretly his Quincy skills in top form, despite the constant lectures he'd given the boy growing up. He wondered if his mother knew.

He wondered if that was why she stayed. He wished he'd had the chance to know her better before she was stolen from them. It had been too soon – entirely too soon.

What he did know, however, was that when the snow fell, her smile lit her sad eyes with joy and peace. She'd take her young son outside to play, and her musical laughter would warm him to his little toes. They'd build forts, snow-people, have mock snow-fights. Little Ishida could forget about his determination to be a Quincy knight for a while, and his mother could forget about the lonely married she was trapped in.

The winter allowed them to simply be mother and child.

They'd go inside later and share in the comfort of hot chocolate and a good book. Her voice was so beautiful to the young boy's ears. At that young age, he was certain that he'd never again see another woman as lovely as her. Although he could already read the books they read together himself, but he still held delight in being read to.

Navy eyes quietly watched the snow fall outside his apartment window as he lifted the mug to his lips. Steam wafted off the rich brown liquid within, and the nostalgic smell brought unshed tears to his eyes, just before the warmth entered his mouth, and the taste brought the sound of his mother's voice back to him.

A small smile curled his mouth at the call of a child drifting from the courtyard below. Scampering in the white below were two children throwing the fluff at each other and the young woman laughing with them.

Teardrops etched lines down his smooth cheeks. He brushed them away with the back of his free hand, though that gentle smile never wavered.

No, winter wasn't bad at all.
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