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This should clear things up a little JUST AS EXPECTED

Got a message from today from czeliate
hihi debbie..according to the raw in bleach 396.
Aizen says: just as I expected..

just as I planned


The Sleepyfans translation at OneManga is out and uses this translation of what Aizen said.

Binktopia, who translates currently for mangastream, is given to making these sorts of jokes. I'll never forgive them for the line they gave Ishida as Nemu's boobs were about to smother him. Ishida really said "Too close! Too close!" and they translated the line as "Why am I suddenly craving dairy?"

Some people really like Binktopia's jokes and Westernized translations and added ... um... flourishes to the original text, but I'm not one of them.They've sent fandom into circles before--when Urahara opened the garganta for Chad, Ishida, and Ichigo at the beginning of this arc, Binktopia translated the scenario as one where Urahara was going to join the boys on the journey. There were lots of disappointed fans when the real translations came out.

In this case, maybe some of those Aizen introduced Masaki to Isshin mad theories can be put to rest. I've heard some crazy speculation--such as Aizen manipulating Rukia to make her carry the guilt of Kaien (even though these events took place before Ichigo's birth). People were getting a little out of control. And those in fandom who were moaning about the ultimate troll being unbelievable (most of us here at bleachness didn't believe Aizen or Binktopia's line), chillax already?

eta: to murk the waters, CNET is using the "planned" word: Aizen: So this... // ...is your reiatsu. // Splendid. // You have grown well. // Just as... // ...I always planned.

czel explains how the word can't be planned here

Have fun, fandom. I knew you'd go insane with speculation. But there's just no way that Aizen is writing Kubo's story. He's the villain, not the protagonist. He's not Light Yagami. He's using the purdy words on you as well as Ichigo and I dislike watching you both squirm.
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