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Fandom: Bleach
Disclaimer: I wish.
Pairing/Characters: Ichigo, Rukia, Kaien, and a somewhat supporting Renji. 
Summary: All it really takes is a single person to change your world. If you're lucky, maybe two.

I think if Rukia spent more time with Ichigo, she'd smile a whole lot more. That'd be nice, wouldn't it? Besides, it's fun to get into her head.

Anyway, I was reading the fight between Rukia and the noveno espada (the guy who looks a whole lot like Kaien) and I came across the two sketches that Kubo-sensei drew after the chapter where Rukia gets impaled and the one with her flashback. The first shows a bird in flight, with the caption "...what is your regret?" (is it just me, or does the bird remind you of the 13th division's symbol?)

At the time, I couldn't really decide who the question was directed at. It seemed more for Rukia, but the panel before the end of the chapter with Kaien really threw me off. I initially wanted to write this in Kaien's perspective, but I didn't think I'd be able to portray everything as well. And I just fell in love with the next one. "There is no heart without you"

It's on days like this that Rukia feels she's made the best decision of her life thus far.  )

Comments are much appreciated (:
Tags: ichigo, kaien, renji, rukia
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