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More of Kubo Interview from FTB graphic novel

Here's a white day present straight from the IchiRuki FC at Bleach Asylum. Thank you to Annie who's been gathering the info, Nav who has been scanning the Fade to Black novel (which includes a new six page interview with Kubo-sensei) and Nacchan who has been translating.

post one Kubo interview Morita-kun is Kubo's pal.

post two Kubo interview

Q : in the novel it's revealed that the haori that Kisuke wears is borrowed from Mayuri?
A : that's my idea, actually even in the movie I already wondered "why makes Kisuke wear a haori with no reason at all?" but Pierrot-san insisted "it's for fanservice!" I understand very well that feeling so I let it slip. Actually in the movie there's supposed to be a scene where Kisuke borrows the haori from Mayuri but because of timing problem it got cut. For the people who wonders why Kisuke wears taichou haori on the movie should read the novel.

eta: the shippery part of the interview for those of you who may have missed it
more with a translation by sketchbaka :Ichigo and Rukia make a good combo, Kubo says
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