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Hear ye, hear ye, we want Kubo interview citation!

I asked this question before on bleach_fact  a long while back and got no answer, but someone's asked now in the Is Kubo a Misogynist Thread and I asked her if I could bring this question to the tippy top of the comm.

What's the source for a common belief that Kubo doesn't like BL? I know that I was told by sources that wouldn't cut the mustard in a journalism class, so I'm hoping to get a website or  even a magazine name if not a magazine issue. Anyone know? Anyone?
The only things I'm sure of is that people believe it, that it was brought up in one of the comms I belonged to 2005 (I'm not even halfway done looking through soul_society yet) and also on Bleach Forums.

Mythology and fanon surrounds our manga-ka too--especially when there's a language barrier. I've see translations of interviews that could be perfectly phony (Bleach Forums is down right now or I'd go look for how often there are citations made for Kubo interviews) but sounded perfectly reasonable. Because I was holding the text in my hands and not reading it on a webpage, the only reliable interview I ever read myself may have been Kubo's last one in Jump where he answered "no, yes, no, no." to every question (truly, I was worried about the man's state of mind and if he would abandon Bleach! XD). I could hear Kubo in an interview being asked "and do you like BL manga?" "No."

I don't want to (or do I?) discuss prejudice against yaoi writers, the rumors that Kubo himself is a homosexual or whether any "interpretation" of the text, no matter what an author intends, is "perfectly valid," (I swear if you people go postmodern on me, I will choke),I just really, really want a reference or source for the belief that Kubo doesn't like BL.

(And if anyone knows of a Kubo interview that wasn't perfectly BORING, point me to whatever source you can, please).
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