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Mod post, essay rec and fanart rec

Hi guys. First order of business, since the ever-popular Nick Simmons Plagarism Scandal Post has dropped of the first page of this community, I've put a link to it over on the sidebar. No, we haven't heard from Viz or anyone else lately, but when we last heard from Viz, they were encouraging us to continue to post side by side panel comparisons between Incarnate and other works and to make overlays. So those of you who are still interested in doing so, keep that up! Thanks everyone for informing us of places where the Simmons story appears. My son was tickled to hear his mom's fanblog mentioned on thatguywithglasses. I think I'm over my anxiety now of being sued, and I'm no longer having nightmares of being licked to death by Gene Simmons.

I've had a couple people ask if the mods here have decided on a fic-posting day yet. No, we haven't. Please continue to post fics or bleach fanworks you believe might be of particular interest to this community on any day of the week. Weekends are the best days for posting because your works won't have to compete with manga spoilers. Also, anyone interested in posting an essay, particularly a shipping essay, is encouraged to contact me, _debbiechan_  , about the content of the essay before actually posting it. I just want to avoid having to delete anything too trolly or wank-provoking or error-ridden. Speaking of shipping essays, here's a rec. I came across In Defense of IchiHime by ilovemybishies87 on DA today, and thought it made some good general points. I know lots of members on this community would want to argue fiercely with the idea that "Orihime's not really a fighter" or that "she wasn't doing anything bad by allowing Ichigo to help her," but the concept of amae brings something new to shipping discourse. If dependent females like Hinamori are so valued in Japan then why are the tsundere girls so often the ones who win the hero's heart in stories? Why is IchiRuki so wildly popular in Japan whereas IchiOri appears to be more popular in the West? (I shouldn't need to add this but please be considerate if you're going to go to that essay to comment. I've seen one too many shipper comments in the response section of the CNN article and other places where the Simmons story and bleachness   are featured and I'm ... not a happy Jewish mama is all I'll say. *Sigh* Why do the shippers have to go so public about their nuttery? The fanbois making fools of themselves over who's got the bigger reiatsu--Yamamoto or Aizen--are keeping it to the forums right now and the readers of the NYTimes are none the wiser!) Moving on, I've had MANY requests to re-upload doujinshi scans. I'll get around to doing that soon. Promise. Only members of bleachness   can access certain scans. I hope to have new ones up soon as well. And before I go, here have a lovely IchiRuki fanart by one of our loveliest members: Behold the Whited Dawning by luculentquark
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