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fanfiction voting!

Many thanks to enisy  who pointed out to me that because so little people know about the site, the stories may instead win on a majority vote due to the lack of votes there are, and not based on how well written or entertaining a story is. There are also not a variety of pairings to vote for in the bleach section, so I'm posting this here as well to get people to nominate more pairings than just UlquiHime.

I don't know if you all have seen this yet, but there's a site where as a reader, you can nominate your favorite fanfiction and vote for them in the 'Best of Fandom Stories for 2010' contest!

There are many fandoms, including those outside of Bleach, therefore you have a variety of choices to vote from. It's not a long process, so have fun while voting for your selections!

To vote:

www.dotmoon.net/awards/index.php >> Voting Site (Go here)

- go to "Vote"
- check the category you'd like to vote under
- type in your email
- vote for your top 3 favorite stories
- verify your email

Or, you could simply nominate one of your own favorite stories if they are not listed!
The process is easy, so I'll not explain that .. *twiddles fingers*
Anyways, good luck to those who have been nominated && let's spread the word!
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