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04 March 2010 @ 01:56 pm
Connecting the Earth and Sky  
Connecting the Earth and Sky-IchiRuki from the Orihime Perspective
Connecting the Earth and Sky
I for one, have been one of those believers that other than Renji, and Isshin (cuz that man wants him some grandbabies! tehe)...Orihime is a supporter of IchixRuki.

In fact I would dare say she's one of their biggest supporters!

Notice how Orihime said if she were rain....she would like to connect together "hearts".  Connecting the "Earth" and the "Sky". 

In the memories of rain arc.....when Orihime said she "thinks she understand Ichigo a little bit better"...notice before that she said, "that kindness....one-sided sympathy"  Why would she call it "one-sided" when thinking about Ichigo? The boy she's been crushing on, and if she wanted to connect her heart to his?  Like I explained in my Orihime Inoue Character Analysis me and my IchiHime friend who wants to remain anonymous, feel that Orihime knows her affections are one-sided.  I would even dare say she's known this from the beginning.  Maybe that's why she never really tried to pursue Ichigo.  But that's just my speculation....as I was saying.

I think Orihime generally wants "Ichigo" and "Rukia" or the Earth and Sky-their hearts, to be connected.  She's witnessed them together always....and as I've seen in one of my favorite essays which is by  [info]mezzo_marinaio but posted here on bleachness by [info]_debbiechan_ (my bad earlier, thanks for the point out debbie), Orihime's been aware from the beginning hence all the "unhappy eyebrows"
unhappy eyebrow
moar unhappy eyebrow(images taken from the original post I listed above)

I think Orihime generally WANTS Ichigo and Rukia to be together...

plz don't throw bricks at me

After all the girls ask if Rukia loves Ichigo.  After Rukia says they are just friends, as seen above, Orihime is disappointed, saying that they could "team up" on Ichigo and the girls would win....granted her logic is weird...love obviously doesn't work like that.  But the point still stands, Orihime is disappointed that Rukia says that she and Ichigo are just friends!  I would go as far to say, and it's just a theory so please....NOBODY THROW BRICKS AT ME!!!! D8....that back then, deep down, even under all that "Orihime-ness" of logic, and her crush, she generally DID WANT Rukia to say she loves him.  She wants the Earth and Sky to connect.

Orihime knows...she maybe a dense girl at times....and she maybe naive...but Orihime is NOT BLIND!

She knows how much Rukia means to Ichigo.

As seen above, in the unhappy eyebrow-SSarc picture "She the one who changed his world" and in an earlier moment, before they left to go to SS.  Orihime gives Ichigo a little pep talk.  It's almost similar to one Rukia gives later on.  But this one is different.  Despite what some fans who are pretty much Anti-Rukia, Ichigo from the get go decided to go to SS.  But still, something in him had doubts, I think, the doubts stem from Rukia telling him not to follow and just "live a while longer" before he would "die".  I think Ichigo was probably worried, "Rukia didn't want me to follow, she didn't want me to come save her", but he more than anything wants to go save her.  Que Orihime, her adorable little speech (omg-that "ichigo scowl" she imitated was so adorable and so lol worthy! Orihime I lub you so hard! XD).  It helped him.  It helped Ichigo realize, what he wants is very important.  He wants her to live.  What Orihime said helped him erase those worries, that Rukia's safety is more important to him than what Rukia thinks if he followed.  And it's not just that, Orihime tells Ichigo "She's my friend too".  That helps Ichigo even more, because she's so important to Ichigo, but now, it's hitting him....that it's not just him that wants Rukia back, it's not just him that Rukia had an effect on.  The world may keep moving on without Rukia.  But for Ichigo-and to his discovery, and Orihime...the world doesn't keep moving on.  Orihime is Rain, but she can no longer rain to touch together sky and earth.  The sky is gone.  Leaving Earth with nothing....leaving the Rain to vanish because there is nothing for the rain to weave together.  Ichigo mustn't just save Rukia because he cares about her, he must also save her, because what she means to another friend, Orihime.  Ichigo has a debt to repay, but she's also the one who changed his world...and she changed the world for Orihime as well.

From Orihime's perspective, it's not just that Rukia, her friend is gone, and she wants her safe.  She wants Ichigo to be happy.  With Rukia gone-he's uhhappy.  So Orihime tells Ichigo, to not worry about anything else, if he wants Rukia safe, then go save her.  If she means something to him, then go get her back.  Orihime cares about them.  She wants them both to be safe and happy.

again with rain

Wait a minute...wait just a darn minute!!!  Rain connecting two things together...earth and sky....now what am I seeing here, a common denominator connecting the black sun and white moon in this poem....RAIN!!!! (ohohoho!!! >D I see wut u did thar Kubo!!!!)

Without the Sky, the Earth is left with nothing...but the Rain....the Rain has nothing to connect them with.  (not that Orihime is a bad thing.  I believe that Orihime=Rain...but that doesn't mean Orihime evil)  The rain drags down black sun.  I see that as....what is there to connect Earth or Black Sun by with the rain??? Nothing...if there is no sky for the rain to connect them two, Black sun is just being rained on, (And Zangetsu doesn't like to get rained on Ichigo).  Where is the Sky? Where is the white moon???

The drying of the rain by white moon-is what frees Black Sun from being dragged down.  Earth and Sky are connected through that Rain!  Now I'm not ever gonna say Rain being dried by White moon = Rukia>Orihime....because NO!!!! (I heart both girls to death and would never ever say that).

To me it symbolizes the same thing that Orihime said earlier.  "As the Rain unites the eternally separated Earth and Sky".  Rain is another common theme between Black Sun and White Moon.  If there was NO RAIN to drag down Black Sun, there would be no reason for White Moon to dry that rain....Rain is what connects them.  I think that's the theme.  Because in Memories of the Rain, we do see a key turning point in Rukia and Ichigo's character...a moment where their bond and trust grows even more.  They get a mutual understanding.

When after SS arc.  Ichigo was being Ichi!fail.  He was in a funk.  Orihime can't get him out of that funk.  Rain is worried, she can't lift the spirits of the Earth.  He's separated from his Sky, his White Moon again.  Enter White Moon.  The Sky has returned, given him a kick to the head,  a few slaps to the face, an insult here, drags him out of his body, kicks his butt off a roof to fight a hollow, followed by the ever so epic "Man in my heart" speech. Ichigo is back to himself again. (omg I lub you Rukia! XD)  Rain is ever so grateful and happy.  Earth is himself again, and Sky is back in his life.

Orihime as we've visably seen, admits she's jealous of Rukia the White Moon.  Earth and Sky are connected, she mentions she wants that.  I have argued, it's because she wants that same equality status, that unwavering trusting bond, with Ichigo that Rukia has.  But I would also like to give an opinion what I also think she was jealous of, and wanted.  I personally think, that the basis of that jealousy, (because and my IchiHime friend beleive Orihime knows and accepts her love is one-sided) is that Orihime wished she had a bond like that.  She wants to have what Ichigo and Rukia have, with someone.  She has her best friend Tatsuki, and her friends; Ichigo, Rukia, Ishida, and Chad.  And later a very interesting, unique but somewhat strange and rather bittersweet-type of bond with the 4th Espada. (yes I ship UlquiHime....but I ship IshiHime more! 8D).  But Orihime has yet to make a fundamentle connection with someone like Ichigo and Rukia have.  I mean Ishida likes her yes...but those feelings have yet (I say yet because I'm crossing my fingers over here) been reciprocated.  She doesn't have a pure understanding of Ichigo nor that same bond.  And her and Ulquiorra's relationship is a rather unique one, but it's not the same, its not an unbreakable bond with unyielding trust.

There isn't someone she sees herself as their equal.  She sees Ichigo above her.  She havs far more praise for her friends than for her.  Even with Ishida, she doesn't see herself as his equal either.  Ishida doesn't see her beneath him.  While he doesn't see her as a fight her, Ishida sees Orihime as an equal-he treats and talks to her as such...but as I pointed out, that feeling isn't mutual.  With Ulquiorra...it's again unique but a strange relationship. Technically they are supposed to be enemies, but visually-the relationship is supposed to be that of a Captor and Prisoner.  But they almost have a Teacher type of relationship.  Orihime teaches him more about Humanity, he teaches her the harshness of reality.  But they still aren't equals.  I would never see Orihime seeing herself as Ulquiorra's equal....and likewise, when they first met, to him, she was just "Trash".  Although he sees himself above her, she's a mystery....to Orihime, although he's her captor, there is still a need to bring out "human" in him.  Like I said...it's strange but unique.

The biggest obstacle for that is for one-Orihime to stop torturing herself with her one-sided affections.  It's unhealthy to dwell on what you can't change.  She can't ever expect herself to have any relationship-with ANY man, if she continues to hold onto regrets of a one-sided affection. The second, but the even bigger of the two, is Orihime's low self esteem.  She needs to stop putting herself down while putting the world on a pedestal.  She's got to learn to forgive herself.  If she wants that same type of relationship that Ichigo and Rukia have, she needs to forgive herself.

But I'm getting off topic.  Orihime generally wants Ichigo and Rukia to be together.  Even when she was alone with him in HM arc....I never once saw Orihime trying to change the relationship her and Ichigo already have.  She simply kept it as "nakama".  She doesn't want that to change, because she knows who Ichigo cares about the most in his life.

That's why she never kissed him.  That's why she cried when she said, "I just can't".  That's why she said, "to fall in love" and not "to be loved".  She knows who means the most to Ichigo.  She never has been the girl who would force her feelings onto someone, and she wouldn't start by doing that to Ichigo.  She cares for and respects Rukia greatly, so she would never do this because I know without a doubt, that Orihime would feel it would be like an insult to Rukia.  Orihime knows there is a special place in Ichigo's heart that can't be replaced...its a place that Rukia occupies.  She wants it to stay that way.  Which is why she won't allow herself to change that.  The Rain isn't going to interfre with Black Sun and White Moon.  The rain doesn't want to block and separate the Earth and Sky.

Rain, Orihime....she wants to weave together the "eternally separated" Earth and Sky.  Rain doesn't want to stand in their way.

That is why, I feel Orihime has wanted and will always want, IchiRuki and their happiness.  

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.: black rock shooteraoi_no_neko on March 4th, 2010 09:02 pm (UTC)
Could you put an LJ cut somewhere in this? It's really eating up space.

Thank you
marheavenangelmarheavenangel on March 4th, 2010 09:05 pm (UTC)
already did, I accidentally forgot ^^; right after posting it...I quickly went in and changed that
aoi24aoi24 on March 4th, 2010 10:05 pm (UTC)
Hmm, I pretty much agree with you there.

In manga there is an awful lot of selfishness in these sorts of relationships where the individuals are reduced to trite 'prizes' in a bitter competition.

What I always liked about Orihime is how she struggles with her selfishness.
She wants Ichigo but she also wants what what is best for him and she also thinks Rukia is good for him which leads to a whole convoluted mess with tears and self doubt and makes everyone want to give the poor girl a hug.

Definitely puts her in one of my topten for female characters because if hothing else the girl tries to do what is best for those she cares about not just herself.

Curse all of their multifacetness making us think so much. :D
marheavenangel: D Brothersmarheavenangel on March 4th, 2010 10:41 pm (UTC)
thank you, I agree, that's what so admirable about Orihime. She strives to do what's best for others, putting her wants to the side.

She's so kind! T_T Yes, Orihime is in my top 20 of favorite anime/manga females of all time. She's just so dang awesome ^_^

(btw...your icon is so adorable....I love Ace and Luffy! But now...everytime I see images of Ace....I want to cry T_T....alot!!!!!)
aoi24: Luffy Ace Blue Happy Tearsaoi24 on March 4th, 2010 11:08 pm (UTC)
Not to get off topic but Thank you!!! (Oda is a magnificent bastard.)

I like how the current generation of manga has produced so many wonderful female characters. Bleach, One Piece and Fairy Tail have been great but then you get such uneven work like Naruto which causes me to loose a little faith.

I'm dying to see what Kubo will do with Orihime and the others now. He's may be a troll but he has earned my faith for something brillant. (Shipping be damned.)
marheavenangel: Lolzmarheavenangel on March 4th, 2010 11:43 pm (UTC)
Oda is a lowlife jerk...a brilliant, amazing, epic, talented....jerk T_T
(Oda darn you....I lub you so much, but you made me so depressed, why do your characters have to be so freaking awesome Oda?!?!)

I agree....Kishi could use some more epic women....they started off epic in Shippudden...(or the introduction of Tsunade) But darn him, lately what's with the "Go back to the kitchen and bring me a sammich" treatment the females have been getting lately?!?!?! (bangs face to desk)

I am dying to see what Kubo will do with Orihime. Her character had the most dramatic change, and has alot of potential. I am SUPER EXCITED to see where that potential where take us. lol, that darn shipping! XD
_debbiechan_: Orihime umbrella by reckless fire_debbiechan_ on March 4th, 2010 10:22 pm (UTC)

The essay you quoted is by
[info]mezzo_marinaio , not me. And my LJ handle is [info]_debbiechan_ not [info]debbie_chan . Please make the changes.

Also, you've posted a couple Orihime essays in a couple days, and because Orihime is such a wank-provoking, controversial topic (sad but true) I'd like to see any essays you're considering before you post them here at
[info]bleachness please. Your first essay didn't get into shipping territory but this one does. I'd like it if people who wanted to post such essays contacted me about the material first--all others who've posted shipping essays have asked me first and while this isn't a rule, it's a courtesy I appreciate. You see, I can check the essays for errors (such as your misnaming the author of the "unhappy eyebrow essay")this way.

Thanks for the post though. It's a simple metaphor--Orihime being the rain and people see it in lots of ways. I've heard this business about Orihime connecting Ichigo and Rukia before, but I'm not sure Kubo-sensei intended it that way. In my interpretation, he was using the rain ironically--it's a divider in the Tanabata story but in his own story, peoples' grief is what sometimes brings them together. A further irony is that in chapter following this poem, Rukia and Ichigo were being brought together by the rain (after the Grand Fisher fight) while Orihime was walking home alone in it with her "one-sided sympathy."

A touching image.

Edited at 2010-03-04 10:25 pm (UTC)
marheavenangel: YohAnnamarheavenangel on March 4th, 2010 10:38 pm (UTC)
I apologize, I made the change.

And thank you for letting me know. I'm still pretty new to livejournal, so thank you for letting me know.

I will be sure to do so in the future.
marheavenangelmarheavenangel on March 4th, 2010 10:44 pm (UTC)
Also, thank you for reading. I think Memories of Rain is one of my favorite mini arcs in the Sub arc. Not just for the IchiRuki, but because of that beautiful poem given to us by Orihime.

Again, thank you for informing me my mistakes and errors. I'll be sure to double check my sources, and first check in with you before ever posting anything in the shipping realm.

I really don't want to cause trouble...or offend anyway. I'd like to avoid that as much as possible.
_debbiechan_: smile_debbiechan_ on March 4th, 2010 11:04 pm (UTC)

No prob--it's just that things have been really wanky and rocky lately (especially) so I'm being extra careful and probably a little paranoid. But this was a nice essay, thanks.
marheavenangelmarheavenangel on March 4th, 2010 11:45 pm (UTC)
I understand your paranoia. Rabid shippers scare me....(well the rabid shippers who would tear me limb from limb)
kaiserkawaiikaiserkawaii on March 5th, 2010 04:36 pm (UTC)
oh. so sad. essays likes this makes me wanna comfort orihime.
marheavenangel: UlquiHimemarheavenangel on March 5th, 2010 05:51 pm (UTC)
Orihime needs a hug....let us all give her one big hug!
(hugs orihime-chan)
(Deleted comment)
marheavenangel: IchiRukimarheavenangel on March 5th, 2010 08:45 pm (UTC)
I think like debbie mentioned....Kubo's funny like that...he uses at both ironic, literal, and emotional Kubo just awesome like that I guess
saiechansaiechan on March 7th, 2010 12:32 am (UTC)
I told you I was planning to leave a comment. XD

Deep down inside, I think I would like to see Orihime indirectly assist Ichigo and Rukia to realizing their true feelings. But hey, its a small percentage at that. At least your theory makes sense! If Kubo is that kind of genius (we all know he is) I'm sure he'll somehow give us a little twist at the end of it.

REally good job!!
marheavenangel: holy crapmarheavenangel on July 20th, 2011 12:34 pm (UTC)
I can't believe I never replied to this...(facedesk) Forgive me Sa-chan! D:

So thanks for reading and commenting on this! (sorry for the reply....a year later...Mar-chan failz XD)
eriol33eriol33 on March 16th, 2010 08:54 am (UTC)
I agree with most part. your analysis of rain is refreshing, I never thought orihime is the rain.

I love orihime actually, and wish she could just stop the one sided feeling and confess already to make her relationship with ichigo clearer. I hope this love triangle doesn't evolve into another copy of FF7 love triangle... Cloud-Zack-Sephy... whoops, I mean between cloud-tifa-aeris :p
marheavenangel: Adorablemarheavenangel on July 20th, 2011 12:36 pm (UTC)
Sorry for this late reply (facepalm)...but I agree I love Orihime too, and I hate that she has to suffer for all these one-sided feelings and wish she would drop them.

Speaking from experience I HATED being on the one-sided end of romance...it was hard...but when I moved on I felt so much better and happier. I just want the same relief from darling Orihime. She's just so sweet and seeing her in pain really breaks my heart.
(Anonymous) on April 25th, 2010 10:51 pm (UTC)
It´s an interesting post the big and sad thing here is that meanwhile Ichigo and Rukia got more closer Orihime is still alone and Orihime try to deal with all this matters I don´t believe she wanted exactly Rukia and Ichigo togueter but she knows that he don´t belong to her and like the good personality of Orihime she only want all the people happy. indeed she is more concentrated now in trying not be a burden not for Ichigo not for anyone still Ichigo always will be the one that want to be the biggest hero for everyone without realize the Loving triangle around him.
however we have 4 kinds of Orihimes to me:
The one that is alone and even when feel a little powerless is able to got a stronger development (like when she got her powers and save Tatsuki)
The one that is a strong-willed with a little of damsel in distress (SS arc)
The one that is a completely damsel in distress depend on Ichigo (not good for her)
And the one that is a strong-willed Woman (Thanks Ulquiorra you got the better of her)