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Hinamori or Matsumoto and the search for a beta

In an attempt to look at the difference between ardent my-sanity-is-invested in this ship attitude (example: IshiHime and me XD) and the I-support-this-ship laissez-faire attitude, I want to ask about some ships that I never take interest in (other than the fact that Hitsugaya looks twelve and the idea of him in a sexual relationship weirds me out a little).

It's said that ardent shippers can't convince the other side so why make ship arguments at all? I'm defining ship arguments here as those disagreements over nuances in the story and predictions of how the story will go, NOT the nyah nyah warring and personal attacks. I'd like to hear people advocate for either Hinamori or Matsumoto. 1) Why is one "better" for Shiro-chan than the other 2) Who do you think will "end up" with Hitsugaya, if anyone at all.  Also, it you think Hitsugaya goes better with Ichigo, goes better with Ukitake (! the pedophilia observations about this always get to me!) or goes better with coke, will you tell me? I really don't care one way or the other and want to see if I can be convinced.

Those making personal attacks will be shot.

EDIT: I've found a beta that sounds perfect. I am so happy.

i have to admit it at last. I'm lost without a beta. I post fics with typos that are pitiful. I read I've written ten words where I could've said what I wanted in three. I don't catch time consistencies or am not sure about moments in characterization. Making mistakes curdles my blood.

The last problem is the one I've had the most fun addressing with a beta who is more than a beta. But I'm not looking for a "writing partner"
or even a long-term beta. I want a manuscript proofer  who can question a character's behavior here and there without having to provide the argument as to why she thinks my character is OCC. I guess what I'm saying is I want a beta light, hold the garnish.

Sound easy? Here's the bad part: I expect quick turn-over, no more than two or three days and even three days is pushing it. I write a lot, sometimes as much as two or three one-shots a week. I'm very neurotic. I may post a short fic without asking for help, but I may ask for help after it's posted. " I know my grammar and know when bad use of it is required (!) for dramatic effect so if I disagree with your some of your corrections, you may feel neglected or think I'm insane. Even if those two conclusions are objectively true, I'd want my beta to not bother to tell me. I'm not into a "relationship" here. I don't want personal advice or expect to give it; I just want my manuscript.

You must be willing to beta smut. At the moment I don't do incest or shota or lolli but who knows. I may. I tend to want to try new things.

The nice part is that I'm not mean, tend to be grateful and mail presents and take requests for anyone who does me any little favor. ANY LITTLE FAVOR.  I thank my beta on the first page of a fic and can direct readers to your own work.

Anyone who wants to be my beta can write to deb@debbiechan.com and tell my why you'd think you'd fit my needs.

Why do I feel like I've just written a bad lonely hearts ad?

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