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scanlations and plagiarism and SHINY SPINE PICS put together, oh my!

Dear bleachness...

I encourage people to refresh the main post about Mr. Nick Simmons' possible plagiarism of Kubo Tite's BLEACH. Please take a new look, as it has been heavily updated since its original posting. I was updating it continuously when I could, but now it has more of... well, everything, pics and news articles and overlays.

Some interesting discussion happened because of this about scanlations vs. doujinshi vs. plagiarism; I am sharing these links for your own perusal, and their opinions do not reflect mine own or anyone at Bleachness necessarily, etc etc.

"The sales lost to mass consumption of Bleach fansubs/scanlations hurts Tite Kubo far more than any half-assed Nick Simmons comic."

A post on doujinshi from balladbird

Icarus Publishing Editor says I feel the need to once again address plagiarism and doujinshi, especially how the two are not related. 


Because I can, I wanted to say thank you in particular to:

aizome, lackasexical, cuddl, jenny_jade, foodisverygood, CorpusDei @ Bleach Asylum, for all the pictures that they put up. Cuddl provided some great side-by-sides that were labeled and aizome and Lackasexical did a ton of overlays. Thanks to r0ck3tsci3ntist for some great comments including ones telling people not to be violent and nehalenia for reporting some hysteria to me too. Thanks _debbiechan_ for letting me post it in the first place.. and to superbot400 from GameFaqs for recognizing the similarities in the first place.

Welcome aizome as our new bleachness mod; it's so good to have you with us. He did a wonderful job modding the post while I was out of town and out of internet and he's beautiful <3

Last, thanks Bleachness members for being classy and not creepy and mob frenzy-y and loving Kubo Tite's Bleach so much.. also for dealing with our huge influx of visitors so nicely. And if we got any visitors that end up sticking around... welcome and take a look at our profile and maybe our rules and guidelines too? (Yes, I am a moderator, I am boring like this.)

Btw, pics got well over 300 thousand hits. Photobucket must hate me 8D

Thank you all and <3 <3 <3

HERE: is the current picture of the spines melded together from Annie who I adore, completely. Wow, Kubo-sensei.. it looks great. I would love this as a poster (or WALLPAPER, literally) when it's all done..

woot for neat karakura arc spread

ETA: Reply from Mr. Simmons' publicist.
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