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Kubo tweets about Aizen & fanmail

Since there was an interest in Kubo's tweets.... ^_^
His last ones today were really sweet and mentioned Aizen and his fan mail

Kubo Twitters March 1 2010
Translated by mezzo_marinaio

This is cool. I actually laughed. I said something like 'What the...?'. How about I say that I was pierced by the image of Aizen-san suddenly appearing from the manuscript and telling me 'So... for how long have you had the illusion of drawing me?'.

I've finally finished reading this week's fan letters. I'm happy.

Since I usually draw with a feeling of 'Even if they don't get it, I'm drawing what I want!', when I get told in fan letters things like 'I want to see more of what you draw', I feel like I've found a life-long friend. To say it more strongly, it's like I found a kindred spirit.

I think one of the dirtiest things in the world is to force one's own values. The moments when I read my readers' letters, I feel my own values which I scattered being caught by someone and coming back to me. They're moments when I strongly feel a sense of joint ownership of values, so they're very important.

Since I'm sleepy, my sentences could come out a little weird. I might write some embarassing things. Maybe I'll delete them once I wake up.

For the moment, I wanted to say that I am happy. Good night.

Aah, yes. This is the first time that I read in a fan letter something like 'I follow you on Twitter', so I was surprised. What I thought was 'I should restrain myself from dirty jokes'.

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