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Ichigo's vaizard powers

 Dear Bleachness,

I had too much time in my hands so I came up with a BRILLIANT question, yeah as if I don't know how to word it better but here it goes. The question is *sound of drums*:

Was Ichigo born as a Vaizard?



Isshin lost his powers about twenty years ago if my memory doesn’t fail me. So I assume he has known Urahara at least twenty years. So we all know the man is a bit shady so could he have used the Hougyoku on Ichigo?

Since you do need the Hougyoku to break the barrier between shinigami and hollows. At least that how I understood it but it has been a while since I've read those older chapters. 

There was that time when Ichigo got his own shinigami powers so at least he was born with those. Was that when he got his hollow powers as well? Because he had that mask on an' all but then he tore it off. So the Hougyoku was never used? 

I always understood it as the hollow is Zangetsu, or at least half of him so- Yeah... I’m not too sure where I was going with that...

Plus there was that time when both Urahara and Isshin said something like; It’s like you predicted. They (Vaizards) contacted him in chapter 188. So who told the vaizards and since when did they know that Ichigo has Vaizard powers?

Is this one of those things that everyone knows?
 If so, then I'm sorry for wasting space.

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