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ChicaNicaRukia! (for Rukia Fanart Cultural Exchange)

This is my submission for the Rukia Fanart Cultural Exchange contest. I decided to dress Rukia in a dress from my mom's home country, Nicaragua . I remember my sister and I used to wear these dresses when we were lil girls, and I thought it'll be a nice nostalgic experience for me to draw this dress ^-^ ...and, yea, the belly probably isn't supposed to show, but that's just what I like to call artistic expression xp


I didn't mean to do it on line paper, but after a terrible start, I started doodling out of nowhere and ended up just liking it (turns out I'm a better drawer when I don't try too hard >_>) I'm not used to drawing anime (I have my own style), but hopefully this at least looks like her ^^' I kinda like it, I gotta admit, even though it is a quick sketch. The only thing i really dont like, though, is that there is way to much going on...but, eh, like I said, quick sketch xp

 My brother thought of the peeping Kon and crappily drawn taco aizen in the back, btw (gotta love capslock bleach xp

 Edit-Since it's a bit too small for my liking, I decided to add a link to deviantart-
You can send it now, Debbiechan. Thanks so much for the help ^^

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