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Request Fic "MICE" Ulquiorra/Gin (that's right) NC17 yaoi

A request fic that was fun to write because, in three words: I LOVE GIN. Excuse my punch-drunkenness but I've been listening to the Bleach Beat "Ulquiorra Sings" single and

by debbiechan

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Ulquiorra Shiffer and Ichimaru Gin (I wish I did). Kubo Tite created them.

Description: NC17.  PWP Ulquiorra x Gin

Warnings: Sex (du’oh). Yaoi.

for yasashii_kawa

Ulquiorra lay nude on Aizen’s bed. He was tired; only Aizen-sama could make him tired.

By the moments, his breaths grew shallower and more in control. When Gin walked into the room, Ulquiorra, except for his horizontal position, looked like his usual strong and menacing self.

“Where’s Aizen-sama?” Ulquiorra asked the question without getting up. Gin wasn’t worth getting up for.

“Oh, I think you’re familiar enough with him to lay off the Aizen-sama. Call him Sousuke. I’m sure he’ll be pleased.” Gin took off his robe, the one with the bell sleeves, and tossed it at the foot of the giant bed. “He may even kiss your maiko-pretty white forehead.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“Where’s Sousuke? Don’t you know?  You were lying in this very bed when he told us that he was going to take a little trip with Wonderweiss.” Gin’s two fingers imitated a man walking. He laughed softly at himself.

“I was under the impression,” Ulquiorra said, “that he would not be gone for long.”

Gin took off his hakama, yawned and stretched and ran a hand through his silver hair. “I didn’t know that he liked them that young,” he said, “but there’s never any accounting for taste.” In his pale kimono, he padded across the floor towards the bed. “All my years in Soul Society I never saw him take a boy lover, but  Wonderweiss, you must admit, is special.”

“Aizen-sama said he was going to test some of Wonderweiss’ abilities,” Ulquiorra said.

“Of course he is,” said Gin and leapt on the mattress. “In any event, they went outside the perimeters of Las Noches so if you’re waiting for Sousuke, it may be a long wait.”

Ulquiorra noticeably edged away from Gin.

“Come now. You like me. You seemed to like me very much earlier this morning.”

“I serve Aizen-sama,” Ulquiorra said.

“Serve, obey, suck cock, call it what you will, I don’t think Sousuke would force you to do anything you thought repulsive. Do you think I’m repulsive?”

Ulquiorra didn’t answer.

“Please talk to me,” Gin whined. “I’m ever so loooonesome.” He threw his head on a pillow and smiled at his reflection in the mirrored ceiling.

Ulquiorra rose to go, and Gin grabbed his wrist. “So soon? I was thinking, hmmm, how about a little game of when the cat’s away, the mice will play?

Ulquiorra stared at Gin. Although Ulquiorra’s expression was always expressionless, this time there was a hint of confusion in it.

Gin could read the hint.

“Oh my, you don’t have the slightest clue what I’m talking about. You don’t even know what a mouse is, do you?” Gin pulled Ulquiorra closer and felt for his crotch. “Here,” he said, “here’s a mouse. It’s what we’re going to use for our game.”

Ulquiorra didn’t pull himself away, but he didn’t concede to Gin’s hold either. “Does Aizen-sama approve?”

“What do you think?”

“That it matters whether or not Aizen-sama approves.”

“Listen, Number Four, you know how much Aizen cares for me, right? Have you ever seen him refuse me a single itsy bitsy thing?” Gin kissed the corner of Ulquiorra’s mouth. “I thought you were somewhat on the repulsive side when you were born. But Sousuke again proved his excellent taste when he made you his whore.”

“You were his subordinate and sleeping in this bed before I was,” Ulquiorra said. “Does that not make you a whore as well?”

Gin poked his index finger through Ulquiorra’s Arrancar hole and pulled it out again. “I never know if that hole is going to tighten around my little finger or not. It looks very scary.”  He licked the tip of his tongue around the hole. “If I’m a whore, I’m a very good one, wouldn’t you say? Or else Sousuke would’ve kicked me out like that.” Gin snapped his fingers. “I kept telling him I needed my own palace but he insisted I stay here.” He chuckled and brushed his lips across Ulquiorra’s neck and shoulder.

“If Aizen doesn’t refuse you, then why did you not ask him to make me leave this bed? You didn’t want me here.”

“I love Sousuke.” The tip of Gin’s tongue flicked a nipple up and down. “Love, you know. It’s a many splendored thing.”

Ulquiorra did not flinch or look enlivened by Gin’s little kisses. His penis lay uninspired on his white leg.

Gin parted Ulquiorra’s thighs and licked at creases between torso and leg. “I know you love him too. I’m not fooled by yes Aizen-sama this and right away, Aizen-sama that.” With the touch of fingertips, he urged Ulquiorra back to a lying position. “He takes such pride in you.” Gin’s talking at Ulquiorra’s crotch stirred the Espada’s black pubic hairs. “It’s the greatest feeling you know, am I right? Being cherished by him?” Gin pouted and blew warm air. “Being fucked by him so you can feel the pressure in that ass de hierro of yours, am I right?” Gin blew again.

The Espada’s pelvis squirmed almost imperceptibly. His penis rose weakly.

“It must get boring being on the bottom all the time,” Gin said. He twirled his tongue around the head of half-aroused cock. “There would be a different dynamic, you know, if you and I--”

“Stop talking,” Ulquiorra said.

“Yes, Number Four-sama.” Gin took the cock into his mouth.

He had a teasing style. Lips soft and weightless and devoid of passion. When Gin made love to you it was like he smiled inside your skin. Ulquiorra was familiar with the feeling, but Aizen had always been there to ground the experience.

Gin swept his tongue this way and that way. He didn’t suck. He didn’t stick to a regular up and down rhythm. He didn’t deep-throat. What he did seemed superficial until…

The tongue hurried in one stroke to Ulquiorra’s “ass of hierro” and slipped in and out of the hole there.

Ulquiorra arms and legs went rigid. His limbs held the tension, and he readied himself for penetration.

It didn’t happen.

Gin’s face left the lower part of Ulquiorra’s body and smashed against Ulquiorra’s mouth with a sudden ardor. Ulquiorra didn’t open his lips.

“Kiss me,” Gin said in a commanding voice that didn’t fit with the Gin Ulquiorra knew--in bed or elsewhere.

Ulquiorra opened his mouth, and Gin grabbed the hair on one side of Ulquiorra’s face and fondled the mask on the other side. “Kiss.” He rubbed his clothed body against Ulquiorra’s now fully hard cock. “Kiss me.” The light kimono Gin wore was damp against Ulquiorra’s dry and indifferent arousal.

A strangled little whine--high pitched and earnest--sounded inside Gin’s throat. “Fuck me you little white bastard.” Gin’s mouth returned to Ulquiorra’s face, chewed on the Espada’s tongue, and pulled away to speak. “Face to face.” Gin’s hands were on Ulquiorra’s shoulders now. “I want you to do it.”

Why not.

Ulquiorra would penetrate Aizen or Gin during their bouts of intense, Aizen-directed sex but never for long. Ulquiorra never finished inside. He was sucked to completion or fondled until he came in short rapid bursts. He was made to eat the cream. Gin would fuck his face and come through the hole in Ulquiorra’s neck. Aizen sprayed on him. Gin sprayed on him.

Aizen wanted a passive participant and that’s what Ulquiorra was.

Eventually Ulquiorra would fade from the picture, and Aizen and Gin would continue with routines refined over the years, sex with emotion that couldn’t be choreographed, and Ulquiorra would watch, emotionless.

“Fuck me. You know you want to.” Gin dropped on the bed, untied his obi, and parted his thin legs. His cock was drenched in pre-come and his chest was taking in large breaths. As he inhaled, his chest would broaden. On the next half-beat, his ribs and hollowness would show, and then his chest would be full again.
Hard breathing, more than hard cocks, was what Ulquiorra had come to measure sexual excitement by. Watching an excited man was exciting in itself, but there was beauty in Aizen’s breathing and none in Gin’s. Aizen’s was controlled; Gin’s was always desperate.

“You’re pathetic,” Ulquiorra said.

He positioned himself over Gin who smiled. Gin wore his pale kimono like wings that covered his arms and spread across the white bedding.

“Hard,” said Gin with some difficulty. That he could get that excited that quickly was alluring in its way.

Ulquiorra put his hands under Gin’s knees and stared at his face.

“Stab me and don’t push.”--A large breath-- “Don’t push into me bit by bit.” --Hard breathing and a pale face flushing pink-- “Hit me with your cock de hierro, Number Four.”

Ulquiorra fucked him just to get him to shut up.

Gin winced and made an oomph sound like he always did when taken hard. The smile didn’t return. Gin’s mouth fell open and the desperate breathing became more desperate.

Accuracy and sensitivity were not Ulquiorra’s strengths when fucking. He had been created not long ago; he had come to Aizen’s bed not long ago; he didn’t know the nuances of the human body’s responses. His sharp mind took in details, as always, but at some point, the sharpness of that mind degenerated into a pre-orgasmic daze.

He fucked Gin hard because he didn’t like him. He fucked Gin for a long time because the silver-haired human was not beautiful or immediately arousing. He thrust as deep as he could go without tearing through Gin’s body, and even so, there was blood. The coppery smell Ulquiorra recognized from killing.

“Ohhhh.” Gin lifted his pelvis and thighs and fucked Ulquiorra back. He maneuvered his body to be serviced the way he wanted. He acted haughty. This was all his idea, after all.

His smug look of ecstasy only made Ulquiorra fuck him harder.

Gin worked himself with his own hand and opened his eyes just enough to catch Ulquiorra looking back.

Gin came without warning, and as he did, his abdomen clenched and his throat gargled.

He sprayed Ulquiorra’s face on purpose.

“Oh that was very good,” Gin sighed. “Maybe we can do this for Sousuke when he returns. Don’t you think he’d enjoy it?  His two gaunt and sexy lovers going at it? A prettier sight than that buck-toothed virgin, wouldn’t you say? Wonderweiss is an ugly little thing.”

“Be quiet.”

“Take your time,” Gin said. “Oh please. This is your moment, Number Four.”

Ulquiorra put his head down so that the sharpest point of his mask grazed Gin’s chest. He didn’t want to be watched as he got closer.

“Shy?” asked Gin. He knew that Ulquiorra wouldn’t dare stab him with that Arrancar horn. Aizen was still a presence in the room, even if Aizen wasn’t directing the sex.

Ulquiorra lasted a long time, and when he came, the feeling was not very different from coming in Aizen’s hand or Gin’s mouth.

He looked up and Gin was asleep.

He wasn’t pretending; he was really asleep.

Ulquiorra wasn’t insulted. He didn’t feel a small triumph. He felt nothing.

What he noticed, though, was that Gin was not repulsive when asleep. He was not beautiful, but he was interesting. His skin was as clear as a human boy’s. His fingers were as tapered as a woman’s. He looked less skeletal with the kimono still covering his shoulders. His hair was shiny, very shiny.

His face was not smiling.

Ulquiorra went to wash himself and when he came back, he ran a towel over Gin without waking him up. He cleaned blood from thighs and wiped his crack and Gin didn’t budge. He threw the white sheet over Gin’s lower body so the position Gin lay in didn’t look suspicious.

Hiding the blood was not an issue; there were spots here and there from earlier this morning. Ulquiorra’s blood, now dark brown and scentless on the sheets.

Ulquiorra lay down where he’d been before Gin had come into the room.

Aizen is exhausting,
thought Ulquiorra before he closed his own eyes.

Sleep never conquered him. He was an Espada; he willed himself into a dreamless stupor.


This was written while listening to the Bleach Beat Ulquiorra songs--they really aren’t bad, even though the idea of Ulquiorra singing had me laughing for weeks before the single was released. Namikawa Daisuki has the sexiest voice since Gin’s seiyuu. *fans self* Ah me, I was crushing on Ulqui back when so many girls thought he was ugly. I want to grab him by the horn and say "I saw him first" but that's probably not true.

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