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Beach Best Bout results

I remember, when Kubo presented the best bout contest, he made Kon say "my editor wishes that Ichigo VS Byakuya will win..." and thinking immediately "You wish it too, Kubo, or else you wouldn't mention it."

Well, Kubo must be pleased XD

Translated by czeliate@BA [spoilers given by Ohana - the real one - @2ch and reported by space@BA]:

"1. Byakuya vs. Ichigo 551 votes
2. Ichigo vs. Ulquiorra 512 votes
3. Ichigo vs. Grimmjow 457 votes
4. Ichigo vs. Renji 457 votes
5. Ichimaru vs. Hitsugaya
6. Renji vs. Byakuya
7. Rukia vs. Aaroniero
8. Ishida vs. Mayuri
9. Yoruichi vs. Soifon
10. Kenpachi vs. Nnoitra

spine we have ishida and renji's arm.
first color page we have grimmjow, byakuya, nnoitra, renji with their clothing
cover page is ichigo
grimmjow threw a heart shape chocolate
byakuya wearing white suit, having a heart shape chocolate in his right pocket.
ichigo holding a heart shape chocolate with his right hand
ulqiorra starring at the heart shape chocolate that he's holding with his left hand
renji holding a chocolate

well, the: ノイトラ Im quite sure it was nnoitra, though ohana doesn't mention about ulqiorra in color page but he's holding a chocolate while she doesn't mention whether nnoitra was holding any chocolate"

Personally? I'm super happy that Ichigo VS Byakuya won. To me, this is the best fight in Bleach history - it has everything, emotions, despair, new move, a full coloured chapter, Ichigo's first bankai, Ichigo overcoming Shirosaki by the sheer force of his will, and a true WIN. An epic shounen fight, that has so many things to talk about just in that fight and an overall overwhelming positive emotion for the reader.

On a Rukia fan side note, I'm happy that she managed to be in the top 10 with her fight VS Aaro XD

On a reader side note, it makes me chuckle that IchiRen managed to have the exact same number of votes than IchiGJ, knowing that the IchiRuki fans at 2ch were splitting between IchiBya and IchiRen fights [only one vote per person was allowed].

And last,t he spread seems cracky XD I can't wait to see it XD Ulquiorra is there :wtf
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