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Bleachness Feedback Day *FEEDBACK* <3

Wow, thank you all so much for your feedback. Usually about 80-100 people participate in my useless polls but this last one may have been deemed not so useless after all because at last count, over two hundred people had participated. That’s roughly twenty percent of the membership of bleachness  . That’s a fairly high participatory rate--it’s been my experience with forums, fanclubs, and comms that most members are there to read/lurk, they are not there to comment or contribute or even check ticky boxes. Nonethess, the number of people who delurked to participate in this poll heartened me because I really did want your imput (I’m always curious about you quiet ones).

Thank you too for those of you who send private messages of support or took time to leave detailed honest comments in that Bleachness Feedback Day entry. The comments are already scrunched up by LJ’s formatting and I’ve decided not to reply to them all individually but to write this post in response to what I’ve heard from bleachness  members.

First, I’m glad to hear that an overwhelming majority of members are here for the discussion and that most members are happy with the character of the community as it is. That’s what I figured even though I’ve always been fully aware of members’ concerns and I’ve always had this or that problem myself with how this community has been developing in the past year.

1. I’m going to clarify the bleachness rules and guidelines to incorporate some of what apparently helped horusguard76  (her post here) understand the character of the community better. Namely this subthread here (Jenni, you should really be my lawyer). I’m also aware that, roughly, at least ten percent of those polled have expressed dissatisfaction with this community. Given that anywhere you go there’s going to be complaining and given that lately just about every BLEACH online site you go to is going to be complaining about the manga and its fans, I find that percentage reassuringly low. Nonetheless, I’m aware of what the concerns are--tone of discourse, tense threads not being diffused promptly or insults not being moderated well enough, too much repetition of shipping agendas. I’ll see what I can do about these issues.

2. I personally have had no issue with people posting fic and art throughout the week without my prior authorization or blessing, but I have considered that as the community grows, this might get to be a problem or may even change the nature of the comm. Even though other places like kurosaki_clinic  exist for bleach fanworks, I really like people sharing their stuff here. The poll shows people like it too. My co-maintainers and myself are going to discuss having a “one day a week only” event during which members can pimp their own fanwork or rec other fanworks in the comments section of one mod-posted entry. This idea came about because of this subthread in the feedback post. Any further ideas on this subject are welcome, but ultimately it’s my decision. Stay tuned.

3. None of the mods want to disable anonymous comments. Most of the anonymous posters here have been wonderful, and I’ve made some wonderful personal contacts from people who did not have LJ accounts and who first contacted me via anon post on bleachness . Because of the heavy trolling atmosphere of the Bleach fandom, though, anyone posting anon and making a challenging statement can be expected to be greeted with some suspicion by myself as well as the general membership; you may be only wanting to have discussion but you may be accused wanting to incite wank. There’s an explicit unfairness here to anon posters, but that’s the way the cookie crumbles. I may add this caveat to the bleachness rules and guidelines

Lastly, of all the hundreds of PMs and comments I read this morning (I started at 4 a.m. and wasn’t through by breakfast at 7), this one made me the happiest. If this community changed even one person’s mind about Orihime’s character, I’m all rainbows and sunshine today.

Please feel free to continue to add comments here or to the Bleachness Feedback Day entry about your thoughts and feelings regarding this community and always feel free to contact me, _debbiechan_ or the other modsjaina and karenai .

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