Silvia (nightshade_ave) wrote in bleachness,

What About Chad?

So here I am, watching some dub reruns of Bleach on [adult swim] and Chad is training with Renji in Urahara's basement.  Which reminds me of something about Chad that has been mentioned a couple times and makes me wonder if Kubo has more in store for him.

So when Renji is training with Chad, Urahara remarks that Chad's powers are not like a shinigami, nor are they like a Quincy.  He gets cut off by a scene change with something along the lines of "No, it's more like your power is..."

Fast forward to when the gang is in Hueco Mundo.  I can't remember exactly when it happens, but I know Chad thinks about how his powers have felt refreshed, and he felt at home in Hueco Mundo.  So I'm getting the feeling that his powers are hollow related, which is nifty.  However I doubt he'd get random hollow powers and Kubo would ignore it.  He likes to drop tiny hints in a chapter WAY ahead of where the issue will be addressed.

So what do you think about the nature of Chad's powers?   And, any Chad fans out there who have paid more attention than I?  I'm going back through the manga again to see if I missed anything but I'm suddenly very, very curious.

I'm also secretly hoping that Chad and his powers will get a bunch of exposure in the manga and he'll become a more popular character.  He's so awesome he needs more fans! ;_;

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