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Jump Cover and 277

The new Bleach movie looks like one I may want to see--SHINJI IS IN IT! The movie ad is different from previous ones that looked all dramatic and fight-about-to-happen.  Street clothes and an infinitely relaxed look for Ichigo. And humor all around the edges. The movie seems fun, and maybe I'll download it when the time comes. I dislike anime movies as a rule, and the last Bleach one I heard was so bad, it didn't even do well in Japan.

Nice cover for IchiRuki fans. Some people are saying that Isshin in his "love" t-shirt" about to land on Ichigo and Rukia means something....

Honestly, it's a lovely fun pic but I don't think it means anything more than the IchiOri reunion we see in 277 this week. There are too many other people in the picture for either couple Of course, when the manga is happening, Ichigo and Rukia give us the intense eyes. A case can be made for Hime and Ichigo both looking wide-eyed and intense in this "reunion" but it's hardly a romantic scene--like when Ichigo landed before Rukia on the bridge or when he rescued her with "Yo" and the two exchanged a passionate look. The sexy in this chapter is all Grimmjow and Ulquiorra--and the cover page of their silhouettes underlines that.

After having looked at the whole chapter now, I'd have to say the drawings are more interesting than the partial script we've gotten. The events themselves no big whoop--Orihime heals Ichigo, Grimm wants Ichigo to be his "prey."  Ulquiorra's showing up is cliffhangery but only because what happens next can't easily be predicted. The fun's going all going to happen in 278 and 279.

I'm waiting to find out what the heck Ichigo screams on page 10 because it seems like something about Hime's healing hurts. The chapter seems fast-paced and draaaamatic only because Grimm looks so possessed and in love with Ichigo. 
EDIT: that's Grimmjow yelling at Nell to shut up. He shares similar nostrils with Ichigo so I was confused XD. Grimm really is a psycho, isn't he?

Next week: Will Orihime defend Grim against Ulqui? Will she scold Ulqui for hurting Ichigo? Will she reveal that she's the willing S&M slave of Grimm (seriously--a gag and chains and her boobs all squished together between her bound arms? This arc is tres kinky).

interesting review of chapter
by metaphore_art
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