Silvia (nightshade_ave) wrote in bleachness,

Hey everyone, I was hoping you could all help me out with a fic of mine.  :>  You see, I wrote this a while back (not really that long ago but long enough) and I went back and read it recently, and I'm still plagued by the feeling that it's incomplete, or that it needs more "meat" so-to-speak.  Anyway, read if you have time, and I'd love any criticism you guys have.  I like my nice fluffy reviews and comments but they can't help me figure out what's missing.  x3

Thanks in advance, and the link takes you to the post on my LJ.  Love you all, bbz <3

Title:  Selfish
Fandom:  Bleach
Rating:  E for everyone
Length:  About 2000 words

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