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Doing very terrible, terrible things to characters

I'm not talking about pitiful OOC-ness or similar things a character can fall victim to at the hands of a bad writer. I'm talking about what the big guys (and most everyone would agree with them, let's face it) define as the most terrible, terrible things that writing, art, LJ, your calendars and conversations should not advocate: rape, pedophelia, incest. These acts are crimes in most countries and looked down upon by the general populace, no matter how common they may be in these populations.

When the announcement was made this morning by the CEO of Six-Apart, I wanted to dance a little jig. From the first sentences it appeared that the guys-in-charge admitted to having screwed up royally when they deleted comms left and right.  But then I read the statement and realized how much has yet to be clarified about women's erotica to Mr. and Mrs. Mainstream, to academics, and maybe even to ourselves.

There's a difference between someone who gets off on Texax Chainsaw Murder movies and someone who goes after women with a chainsaw. The Pee-Wee Herman lookalike in the forbidden theatre (I have to say at this point that Paul Reubens  was eventually acquitted of all charges that he rat-packed  kiddie porn), the housewife with her collection of prettily drawn shota, the fanfic writer who ties up her favorite characters and rapes them--these people aren't criminals, neither are they likely to become criminals. Everyone hates the Man-Boy Love Association, but c'mon, there's a big difference between consenting sex between a teenager and an older man and the rape of infants (this is a real phenomonon--ack). There can be Grand Canyons of difference in social cache and psychological power between two sexual participants and there can be just your everyday differences. Exploitation of the mind is something that is not easily prosecuted --how would you distinguish between the naive young 20 year old whose heart was broken by an older man and the street-savvy 13 year old boy who was using an older man as a Sugar Daddy?

Sex, as I like to say, is too complex. I'd rather not think about it sometimes. Just doing it would be more fun, I think--but noooo, there in imagination and fantasy is where all the big orgasms are.

Which brings me to fanfiction and me. One would think that as a rape survivor and a mother of a child harassed with peodophilic crap via internet that I would have absolutely no sympathy for the innocent who got swept away in attempts to purge the world of kid-stalkers and those who commit sexual violence. Nuh-uh. Let my mind alone. Convict me for illegal actions, but let my mind alone.

I got fascinated with rape in fiction only after seeing so much of it in fanfic. I'd never read those bodice-rippers where women were taken against their will and I was unaware of the female fantasy. But I got it--it didn't take me long but I got the sexual fascination. Never mind the psychological reasons behind it, but struggling, forceful, wild (if non exactly non con) sex is accepted as hothothot by everybody. I was quick to see the fascination of yaoi (in the blink of an eye! Men find two women getting it on so it made sense... and it was hawt) but I struggled a little more with things that squicked me big-time. I think the hardest thing for me to realize is that perfectly "normal" sane people get off on the damndest things.

The recent Bleach kink meme brought it all back for me. So many of us are ashamed of our sexual imaginations (I'm not but that could be because I'm hopelessly vanilla and likely to get spit upon for being a pervert), and so much of fanfic is the story around the sex scene--it's rare where a fic can lose a sex scene and still be interesting. Fanfic--a great deal of it--is simply about sexifying our favorite characters. To pretend that it's not would be hypocritical. But that's not to say that there isn't a lot of sexy fanfic out there of high literary value--stuff that succeeds not only because it can get off its intended audience but it can make someone who wanders in without the kink go "hmmm, not my thing, but still very well written, I must say!"

Who else after the to-do these days with LJ bannings wanted to write shota? I can be detached from a lot of what I write so I could've done easily written a fic about a questionable practice. I read a shota not too long ago about a young Gin being raped by an evil Aizen. The story had a gripping sexuality but the characterizations were just as gripping. I could read it. Even if it didn't make me come, I could read it and enjoy it.

Who else wanted to put "butt-fucking" in their list of interests? Who else wanted to be brattty and wanted to taunt LJ? I couldn't have  been the only shameless one. I looked over my body of work and saw one long-ago Dbz story that had elements of shota, saw plenty Bleach fics about rape, eroticized rape and non-eroticized rape, and one (really badly written) torture fic that was my attempt to answer the Bleach kink challenge. Never mind the yaoi--there's a lot of it, some of it involving (gasp!) teenage cartoon boys. Would any of these stories encourage pedophelia? I don't know. Maybe a commercial with a pretty five year old encourages pedophelia. Would any of these stories promote or advocate pedophilia? Of course not.

My husband informed me yesterday that there is no such thing as protection of creative expression under the U.S. constitution. It's political speech that the Constitution protects, he said. I said I was going to put little American flags under each of my drawings and the Pledge of Allegiance after my fics.

I'm working on a Ishida and Orihime domestic comedy today during my free time. But damn, I really wanted to write shota. Just to be spiteful. Just to be childish. The only hard part would've been decided which Bleach character to abuse as a child. I'm really sensitive to hurting my favorites too much, so I think I was going to do Mayuri.

The Bleach 277 spoilers are out and I'm all tingly about them. More later.
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