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Ch389 - LQ - Winged Eagles 2

Everything is HERE

Now, how do I say this? YAY for being right? XD

I predicted, a long time ago, that Uno would be the one to heal Hiyori and it does look that way. 

And I predicted last week that this chapter's title should be Winged Eagles 2 and look what happens _o/ Ichigo is being supported by his friends - they're all supporting each others, AND they're his support. 

I'm really intrigued by the dialogue, and the Shunsui VS Aizen battle looks HAWT. And lolz, Hitsu, still so easy to mess up with XD

EDIT: with more translation from teh awesome Nacchan:
"- Hirako is asking Ichigo why didn't he bring Orihime back with him.. 

- Koma-chan is thanking Ichigo for hijacking the scene in previous chapter because if he didn't do so Koma would lunged for Aizen out of his anger and would be hurt for sure (Koma-chan you're soo adorable lately <3)

- Soi Fon scolding Ichigo because he's spacing out and told him to watch for Aizen's opening carefully because it'll only appear in a flash (?) "we're battling for live here" she said

- Ichigo remembering Bya's " gote 13 caiptan's won't rely on you yada yada" speech and got an epiphany .. "I believe in them, they're the vaizards and captains afterall". "If I could be everyone's strength then it's ok"

- Hitsugaya explodes because Aizen taunting him with Hinamori, saying "is it because she revived and joined the fight here your hatred towards me already vanished?"

the rest is too blurry to read >."
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