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New Bleach musical report!

We'd been waiting for this one--a report about the run of the musical with Kubo's involvement.
Quote from Annie: "For those who didn't know, this Musical has Kubo assisted on every.single.scene (it was promoted in their site if some has doubt)."
Nacchan: "and yes Kubo is assisting every scene, it is mentioned in their site and even Morita confirmed it on his last BBS session with Ori-chan."

Thanks to Annie and Nacchan. This LINK will take you to the IR FC at BA

For those curious about which song is the one that the handreaching has been added to, here is a scene from the previous musical. Same song, before Kubo involvement:

Kubo does seem to have the "almost hand-holding" motif going in the manga with various characters. It makes me wonder if he's ever going to let a pair who reach for one another ever finally touch hands. No word on what the additional lyrics Kubo wrote for the musical were--stay tuned.

ETA: MORE from manonlechat :

The Kubo penned addition was a scene between Kenpachi and Unohana. For real. CANONZ! XD

[info]fencer_x posted a report here.

Yes, I'm about to give birth to baby cows as we say here in the South over this wonderful news. One of my oldest, dearest, wackiest MOST FAVORITE PAIRINGS EVAH!!!! (THIS, LOL was one of my first Bleach fan things). The whole blog report is awesome but aaargh! KUBO WROTE LYRICS FOR KENPACHI AND UNOHANA! WAH!
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