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Fanart recs and an essay rec

I recently pimped two Deviant Art artists who were taking commissions and wanted to share some of their recent work with you.

I'm in LOVE with this chibi take on Kubo's New Year's spread: Six Hearts As One by Rusky-Boz That little chibi!pimp!Renji slays me! <3

This was a personal commission and I plan to write a Valentine's fic around this pic: IshiHime by Cacodaemonia

Now an essay rec. yulieana is known for not mincing words and not pulling punches. Be warned that this essay contains an inflammatory introduction that criticizes a part of the Bleach fandom to the point of bashing. I'm recommending the essay, though, because the main body of it is a clear, comprehensive answer to the argument that Ulquiorra was not a redeemed character and that his being killed after being downed, disabled and conquered by Ichigo/Whatever Ichigo became on the dome/IchiThing was justified. I'm always appalled when that sort of argument glorifying IchiThing comes up, and it's not unique to a shipping faction. For me the obvious message of the lust chapters was that Ulquiorra gained a heart while Ichigo lost his, and attempts to read the story otherwise (outside of fanfic) boggle me.

HERE is Yulie's essay.

For those who would prefer to not read the whole thing, here's a tiny excerpt and the gist of it:

You know why Ulquiorra was redeemed ? Because despite everything that he's done before, he did some good at the end. He saved lives, while Ichigo went on a killing spree.
Whether Ulquiorra wanted to save Orihime or just defeat Ichigo does not really matter here. If he did not jump behind Hollow Ichigo and stopped his cero, Orihime and Ishida would've been dust, and Ichigo wouldn't have become human again. Ulquiorra saved lives and gave Ichigo back his humanity, or what was left of it. Then, Ulquiorra asked for forgiveness by extending his hand to Orihime and finding his heart there. THAT is redemption. Yet, you and your ilk have to shit all over it by claiming that Kubo destroyed a perfectly GOOD VILLAIN only because you can't understand Kubo's message beyond the inane "IchiHime" panels.

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