Silvia (nightshade_ave) wrote in bleachness,

It's game time!

Hey Bleachness, let's play a game in celebration of me and the Internet getting over our little two week break-up (I admit it, I can't live without him).  So I've been binging on music lately and was wondering, what songs do you think perfectly represent a character or situation from Bleach?  Kubo's obviously inspired by music, and I know I am when writing smut fics about my favorite Bleach characters.  I thought it would be fun as a way to expose ourselves to other genres of music or just hear a cool song.

To be super helpful, make sure you post a link to the song so we can listen to it (if you can find one) and/or some text lyrics to read to go "A-HA, I see it, that Britney Spears song is totes Aizen/Gin/Tosen threesome." 

I'll start!

"Fallin" by Chris Brown totally makes me think of Ichigo, especially up to the most current manga chapters.  (I know, kind of a douchey singer to start off with but the song just fits soooo well!)  It really expresses his inner struggle, but I don't wanna say too much and spoil anyone so I'll leave it to you guys to read and/or listen and judge for yourselves.

Listen here:
Read the lyrics here:

I've got more songs in mind than just one but I thought one was a good start, heh. Oh, I usually use for lyric links because they have a lot less crap on the page but this song has a lot of inaccuracies over there (it's all user submitted, so it happens).

Your turn, go!  :D
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