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Anime Spoilers, Manga spoilers a little.

Hey Guys! I have some spoilers, I think we know a few but this has a tad bit of greater detail- if all of this has been posted just lemme know and I'll take it down but please discuss :D


  • Arrancar arc will end by mid 2010.
  • A short arc will follow.
  • After that, a much longer arc will begin.


  • There is a mini-filler arc scheduled to run after the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales filler arc
  • The new arc is about Zanpakutō vs beast swords(剣獣), the tag line that goes with it is that "The main enemy of the the Shinigami are Hollows, the main enemy of the Zanpakutō are beast swords".
  • Beast swords are said to be Zanpakutōs that have killed their Shinigami masters and have gone out of control
  • Manga based episodes are to be relaunched on the April 13th 2010.
We knew the manga ones, well I knew there were 2 arcs, I'm presuming this small one is going to be like the world of the living segment of the arrancar arc, not too long. The longer arc intrigues me, will it mean longer as in winter war xbox hueg arc, or does it mean soul society pretty huge arc, but not so big there are 2 filler arcs just for it... I'm hoping this longevity doesn't result in the story becoming VERY trashy, but I'm happy because yaaaay Bleach.
I'm hoping for a backstory arc personally, Isshin Kurosaki, Ryukken Ishida, The Espada's history, also many more shikais/bankais revealed.

Anime now. I was looking forward to the manga episodes but another filler. Luckily this one is much shorter than the Zanpukato Unknown Tales Arc which has gone on since late august (?). But come on beast swords? Pleeeeeaaase, be more original writers. The first thing I noticed when I read this was that Muramasa stated he killed his shinigami master (later proving to be a lie), but I feel they just thought "eh, lets do this then." If I recalled correctly this will be the first filler season to directly follow a filler season. 

Anyway please discuss, and whatever really :D
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