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You asked for it! You got it! It's a fic contest with groovy prizes! (The reason there's not any art this time around is that there was an all-art contest last summer and the artists may get another turn later in the year). bleachness will be accepting entries from right now until Valentine's Day of this year. The rules (under the LJ-cut below) are pretty easy to understand. Ask any questions you may have here in the comments section of this post.

The contest prizes will be decided by judges and not by a popular poll, so instead of the contest being a popularity contest for the pairings represented in the fics, the entries will be judged on the merit of how they're written. A secret panel of bleachness  English majors will looking for how writers adapt the theme, colorfully portray the pairing (or trio, either IC or OOC), and affect, move, charm, and entertain. All genre of fics are welcome for this Valentine's contest--angst, smut, fluff, etc. Just be sure to label your fic appropriately if you know what genre it is and to put any warnings for mature material.

If there are enough entries, there may be a popular poll with one winner and one prize.

At this writing, the prizes (subject to change)are: 2 LJ accounts, one $25 gift certificate from Anime Castle, a short smutty fic involving the Bleach pair of your choice by smut writer extraordinaire nehalenia, a short romantic fic featuring the Bleach pair of your choice by _debbiechan_ , and a Valentine's art of your design by mezzo_marinaio . See how I don't spend money on postage this time? XD

Don't you want in on the fun? See under the cut for the rules!

Also, newsflash: awesome awesome artist who does wonderful Bleach stuffs, cacodaemonia is open for  $10  sketch commissions until January 24!
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