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Ishi Ulqui Hime fanart by Rusky Boz

Pimping a new artist on the scene who draws my favorite trio!  Rusky-Boz at Deviant Art is also currently taking commissions for REALLY REALLY affordable prices. Looky what I got! 

You can fave Behind the Scenes here at DA.

I asked the artist to draw this for me based on an idea I got after reading vesperh 's crackfic Reading Between the Lines.

I also got a cute avatar for my Bleach Asylum postings based on the pic:

There's an interesting discussion going on over at the Orihime FC at BA just now about Orihime's actions on the dome. I'm too full of vacation laziness at the moment but maybe tomorrow when I gather my thoughts about Orihime, I'll make a post. I have this impression that because of the shipping issues, some people may be overlooking a key point in Kylara's infamous Lust Arc essay and that's that Orihime, even she understandably panicked, didn't do all she could within her power on the Dome to save Ishida and stop Ulquiorra. All the words we assign to this non-doing-it-all in her arsenal (not firing Tsubaki or repeatedly using her shield until exhausted) are judgement words: failure, mistake, selfishness, wrongness... One may fall anywhere on the spectrum from 1) believing that Orihime misjudged herself and the situation and understandably lost her wits to  say 10) Kylara's position that this doesn't happen if you're challenged to prove your love for someone; ergo, Orihime doesn't love Ichigo.

Hmmm, well, that was formulating some thoughts a bit. Maybe tomorrow I'll have more. XD
Tags: fanart, ishida, orihime, rusky_boz, ulquiorra
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